Bridgerton is kinda dumb...
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  • Kristine Swiftyard
    Kristine Swiftyard

    DO THE 100

  • Gold but old
    Gold but old

    Alex Mayers is kinda fun............

  • Pallas Athena
    Pallas Athena

    But like does anyone know who Lady Whistledown is? I used to think it was Lady Danbury but she was eliminated after the second book and I haven't read any further than that

  • Lilia Hu
    Lilia Hu

    Is it just me or does the outfit they wear underneath their dresses look so ugly? Like it looks like something you'd put on a doll and it makes theme look like children

  • Ayra Seni
    Ayra Seni

    Well it seems that we forgot about the fact that Daphne assaulted Simon :)

  • Kimberly Ross
    Kimberly Ross

    the casual hint of the lesbian love at 5:00 is adorable

  • Kimberly King
    Kimberly King

    To me it’s more like Wuthering Heights.

  • lonewolf gaming
    lonewolf gaming

    I skipped 50% of the movie because it was all scenes of the devil's tango🤮

  • gijubl

    I like the wrong movie

  • nansii Pii
    nansii Pii

    * okay back to the show I never gonna miss this

  • Hazirah Azlan
    Hazirah Azlan

    It's like I'm reading a Wattpad story.

  • Akanksha Khajuria
    Akanksha Khajuria

    its the *chuck grabs jenny* part for me🤣🤣😭

  • Iworshipnamjesus _
    Iworshipnamjesus _

    What’s wrong about having every BTS member body pillow 😟

  • Rishabh Verma
    Rishabh Verma

    Why Bridgestone is having so much black casts…….I don’t have any problem with that Just curious…….

    • Erdones ls
      Erdones ls


  • Hehe


  • Alex Alexandra
    Alex Alexandra

    Honestly I loved their relationship at the beginning BUT HATED how they handled the marriage thing . There were some major scenes where everything just felt off and ruined it for me

  • Saber Hyung
    Saber Hyung

    Till this day, I still don't understand the hate agents Red-Heads.

  • Aheri Ghosh
    Aheri Ghosh

    the duke is so freaking HOT...

  • Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama

    Aside from the media nowdays showing whiteness is now perceived as "racist" and the only way to undo it is to get with the woke program. We also live in a time that criminality is also praised (looting, burning, being unpatriotic of one's country, etc) and if one were to do the right thing-arrest or fatally harm the criminal in the process of being heroic, then you are the oppressor. We truly live in the rise of Idiocracy where the fantasy of oppression is weaponized by the democratic party. Also, when BLM says "equality," they do not share the same vision of other POCs-they only focused on black privilege. Apparently, Asians are white people too according to BLM because we are financially doing well, which is why we are now being discriminated upon in schools and being attacked in public.

    • Jin Kazama
      Jin Kazama

      @Christian Sorensen are you this ignorant? It promoted wokeness and black supremacy

    • Christian Sorensen
      Christian Sorensen

      What exactly does this have to do with a video reviewing a Regency era romance drama

  • Abigail Werry
    Abigail Werry

    Pleaaaseeeee do New Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evander Tomaschett
    Evander Tomaschett

    eyyyy this video came out on my birth day lol

  • Sophia Stcyr
    Sophia Stcyr

    Ok but are we going to talking about how Daphne basically raped simon? He told her to stop! But she didn’t!

  • Hana Hasia
    Hana Hasia

    There's nothing better than historical rich people problem

  • Sis. Glenda Forde
    Sis. Glenda Forde

    \This show is '' 100% unwatchable and dangerous ''. Were's the pain,the struggle,the work! Young people of color think this is normal.Why don't we make GEORGE WASHINGTON black,LINCOLN native amercan,HITLER latin !...I watched 2 min. and thirty 8 seconds...that's enough...DANGEROUS GARBAGE.

  • Turtle 78
    Turtle 78

    Anyone else notice da dragon ball reference

  • Kimellz

    This show is so good but so much was left unanswered

  • Sa Berg
    Sa Berg

    Nobody wore bustles in 1813 but whatever 😂

  • Samantha

    4:12 🙄 Omg yes pls 🤢. I’ve seen the show. Love your channel HILARIOUS!!!! Stay safe.

  • Phillip Alvarez
    Phillip Alvarez

    Sneaking in, " me and my GiRLfriEnD". Dude you don't have to lie to us. We single people for life 😝😭

  • BK

    Everyone thought this was how real history was? Hell nahhh

  • Sipystroki Jay
    Sipystroki Jay

    Where can i watch it?

    • Erdones ls
      Erdones ls


  • CAP- PA
    CAP- PA

    This show is cringe 😬😬

  • HästenS avoir
    HästenS avoir

    OVERRATED. It’s all Toxic relationship. Girls forcing, COERCING men into loving them. Only girls are Obsessed into this show. I only watched it for the beautiful sceneries. Not to mention, wth with the mixed races all around? Not so purely British to me!

  • ••♡𝐴𝑙𝑒𝑥𝑖𝑎🧁

    ¿Am I the only one who had problems with the character of eloise? I mean since she starts the series until it ends they tell us that she "is not like the other girls"

  • Cora Roesch
    Cora Roesch

    Me, a Karolina Zebrowzjka fan, seeing the tiny clip of corset cinching: ABSOLUTELY NOT NO BAD THATS NOT HOW IT WORKED

  • Dezi Hernandez
    Dezi Hernandez

    I kinda like the show, it was interesting but some scenes were kinda weird not gonna lie

  • Sandianexpress

    Wait won’t most of the men be fighting Napoleon at this time?

    • bri bli
      bri bli

      As they say,poor people fight rich people’s wars.

  • Gwen Minor
    Gwen Minor

    I'm going to say it, and some fellow black people may resonste with the feeling : I understand the importance of history. The same way africans defended their lands and langage and statues and art to some degree, europeans tend to do the same in media. It's a completely valid stance to defend cultural accuracy. Key word being, cultural accuracy. The thing is, this show isn't that accurate and I see it, it hss some race switching and people either like it, dislike it or don't care. I personally don't really care, especially since it's historical fiction made for any race to enjoy and consume in the 21st century. My only issue arises when white people act like *like there wasn't or couldn't have been any black people travelling to europe at the time* . When they see two black and one mixed black character somewhere in a old europeans setting and try to act like it wasn't possible. Not only is that inaccurate, people always migrated to some various degrees from one continent to another, but it has genuinely racist undertones (I don't use the word racist lightly, believe me there has to be a genuine instance) like black people *couldn't possibly use a boat and be interested in the rest of the world.* Merchants, writers, scientist, travellers to europe and the middle east... Like they didn't possibly exist. That is genuinely racist and/or ignorant.

    • Gwen Minor
      Gwen Minor

      * I've made some mistakes but I use the normal youtube browser and can't correct them lmao

  • Summayah Ahmed
    Summayah Ahmed

    I read like the whole series of the bridgerton and the only characters I liked who was so similar were eloise and penelope everyone else were just weird. ESPECIALLY the brother like wth???!!

  • Rayan Melon
    Rayan Melon

    I love Wooloo with sunglasses

  • Princess Tiana
    Princess Tiana

    Nobody: Daphne’s bangs: 🦀

  • Ace Q
    Ace Q

    Honestly I see this show as a fantasy genre, with the incorporations of diverse types of people and palates and eras of clothing I think it’s more of an aesthetic Wattpad show than anything else. And honestly it’s silly but I love it for that

  • Kaylee Elliott
    Kaylee Elliott

    I tried watching Bridgerton because I loved Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Little Women. But then I heard an Ariana Grande cover and I was done

  • Sanam

    U know may be dying isn't so bad after all ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

  • Ocharaka U
    Ocharaka U

    "My debut affecks all your prospecks" 🤢

  • olivia z
    olivia z

    i was absolutely d e a d when he said red head that still has a few wrinkley bts posters- i- i think that's a bit too much of a call out

  • Jazhira Jazz
    Jazhira Jazz

    Literally none of the show is even historically viable-

  • Azera Alahada
    Azera Alahada

    Queen of England Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1744-1818). Charlotte's parents were: Duke Charles Louis Frederick of Mecklenburg, Prince of Mirow (1708-1752) Princess Elisabeth Albertine of Saxe-Hildburghausen (1713-1761). Both these people were white, blue eyed Germans. Mecklenburg-Strelitz was a small north-German duchy in the Holy Roman Empire. Now, some Woke types claim Charlotte was black, how this is possible, we can't fathom. Have you seen how people appear when one parent is white and one is Asian, or one is black and one is white? So, have you seen how children appear when both parents are Asian, or both parents are black - or in Charlotte's case, when both parents are white? But, some still claim, as this show does, that Charlotte, was the first black queen of England. 'Bridgerton' depicts Charlotte as being black, despite having two white parents, her grandparents all four of them were also white and her great grand parents, all EIGHT of them, were also white. But, Charlotte is black? Also, not one of Charlotte's children were black, just Charlotte, seriously - that's how we do it, maybe Charlotte did a Rachel Dolezal and she 'identified' as black? They do this, because Charlotte may in her family tree, some three hundred years prior to her birth, may have had a potentially North African Moor as a relative. Strange don't you think - that after 300+ years of white people, suddenly Charlotte pops out black? Next, you'll tell me Ann Boleyn was black too...or why not Albert Einstein.

  • Indira Rodríguez
    Indira Rodríguez

    Just a tip: Never pretend to date anybody, unless you wanna make them your big love 😂

  • Indira Rodríguez
    Indira Rodríguez

    Bridgerton is awesome 😍

  • KittySnicker

    Thanks for vetting this show for me, Alex! I don’t enjoy Jane Austen’s writing so I assume the only thing I’ll like about this show is Julie Andrews’ voice.

  • Anna Chipman
    Anna Chipman

    Such a high quality video I love it

  • D R A
    D R A

    I couldnt bring myself to watch this show after realizing they glamorized rape in it. And they do it in a way that the bulk of the audience (women) think nothing of it, since the rape is done by a woman to a man (Daphne to Simon) in the scene where she forces him to inseminate her. When I first watched the scene (it should be said that I'm a woman, the context is important) it was off-putting but I couldn't put my finger on why. After watching some analyses on the show, the realization hit me like a truck. I was disturbed firstly with myself that I didn't pick up on it immediately. And it's frankly disgusting how easily they worked this scene under the radar of the bulk of its audience. Not to be a "if the roles were reversed" person, but it deserves to be said here. There's no way a scene like that would be received well or be received at all if Simon were the one doing that to Daphne, especially since they painted it in a sexualized and romanticized light. Daphne is seen as the one in the right, with Simon being the betrayer instead of being the one taken advantage of. Marital issues aside, Daphne had no right to do what she did. I can't think of the show in any positive light now.

  • Dexter

    These Netflix shows kind of all suck .They spend millions but the cast and story is lame

  • Holland Fray
    Holland Fray

    “Ah yes, the obligatory meet cute.You know every movie or TV show has the characters like bumping into each other in the street and he has to help her pick up her purse or their hands touch” Me: Maybe not every movie since Rose was ready to jump and kill herself when she meets Jack in Titanic

  • Lilly


  • Jenn Weatherington
    Jenn Weatherington

    Could it be all the devil’s tango that they’re doing that you liked?

  • Nia Violette
    Nia Violette

    Can you do Netflix's Winx Club?

  • Joanna Powell Chestnut
    Joanna Powell Chestnut

    "...they bump hands as they reach for the same box of Vagisil.."🤔😯🤣

  • Erneke Camacho
    Erneke Camacho

    Please review Liv and Maddie!!!!

  • Mishiri

    Look at them sideburns. "MAMMA MIA!"

  • Mishiri

    If I was born in 1813, I probably would've killed myself as soon as clothes become mandatory to me. I get pissed at life, just by brushing my hair, complaining how it wastes like 3 hours of my time - when it doesn't even give me money or happiness. Imagine me having to wear those layers and layers of shit on my layers and layers of skin. I'd rather commit seppuku than become an onion.

  • XYZ

    Last year, I watched some dumb teen shows and decided to watch those kind shows never again. I am pretty sure, that it's another dumb teen show.

  • Jaaron Jennings
    Jaaron Jennings

    Soo we not gonna mention how the show literally uses pull out game as a character arc? Lol

  • Kahurangi Moffat
    Kahurangi Moffat

    I just want clear up that what daphne did to simon is actually rape, but its not being treated as such in the media :/ There is a podcast on Spotify "here's the thing, tho" that explains this really well.

  • malia tortilla
    malia tortilla

    8:00 "dobby never ment to kill doggy simply ment to Seriously injure"

  • Penguin

    Ok, can we talk about the fact that this drama is supposed to be historical? They got some things wrong and it's BUGGING ME for example, women in that time period would scarcely ride a horse and when they would, they would have a sidesaddle.

  • Alexis Swinney
    Alexis Swinney

    The whole time I was watching this, I was PRAYING her bangs would grow💀 WHY THEY GAVE HER THEM LIL ANTENNAS???

  • holy spirita
    holy spirita

    ok i know u only do like american dumb tv but try the pent house they cause that one is very interesting confusing dumb but fun

  • aliza

    watch enola holmes please!!!

  • Elmira Gunes
    Elmira Gunes


  • Piper Sinkler
    Piper Sinkler

    i don't even know what bts is and i find that offensive-(im kidding-)

  • Amelia B
    Amelia B

    Tbh Anthony’s storyline was so much more interesting than Daphne’s

  • Mia Sandfort
    Mia Sandfort

    I’m a little tired of every joke being about how awkward you were in high school...

  • klementina kavcic
    klementina kavcic

    Eloise is literally my fav character

  • Areebah Hafeez
    Areebah Hafeez

    Just read a few of the books. And now, I hate them all equally. Its as simple as that. 🙃🙃🙃🙃 as queen catherine of aragon wud say, "Ah, the bridgerton 'whores'" (irrespective of gender)

  • Andrew Hillary
    Andrew Hillary

    wait, u have a girlfriend?

  • Artifexi

    I was born in the wrong century. I should have been born in the 1400s because my dad works for the church so I wouldn’t exist since clergy weren’t allowed to marry and were dedicated celibates

  • Joshua Box
    Joshua Box

    Isn’t this 1813? Why are some of the royals black? Fuckin slavery was still a thing!!

  • Anna Pan
    Anna Pan

    Call me stupid but I love Bridgerton so much

  • loww pmd
    loww pmd

    Eloise and Benedict are the only characters I liked in this show , their sibling relationship is ✨immaculate✨

  • Kendra Morris
    Kendra Morris

    bruh my period is two weeks and i physically can’t walk for some of it, i was never super into this show but i do like how it portrays traditional families and values and feeling restricted, random input that nobody asked for lol

  • Esan Joy
    Esan Joy

    i seem to be the only one with this opinion, but for someone who has read the book series quite a number of times, this series really doesnt do the story justice. i was quite disappointed watching it after waiting so long for it to come out.

  • StxrzGoated x
    StxrzGoated x

    so many old heads in here😂 like g just enjoy the show and if you don't like it stop watching it 👍

  • Megan


  • Fts10ves

    Why am I just now realizing the narrator is Julie Andrews 😂

  • Josiah Dbr
    Josiah Dbr

    I'm convinced these videos are just therapy for Alex's high school days

  • Nico


  • diemabarn

    The book is way better :)

  • Anshu Padigla
    Anshu Padigla

    I was born in the wrong generation. If I was born back then I would be dead from suffocation by corset

  • Ana Rodrigues
    Ana Rodrigues

    Could you please do more videos about Bridgerton?

  • midnightmosesuk

    The show is utter bollocks. It has all the historical veracity of piltdown man.

  • Ana

    i lmao at him getting "confused" about which movie he was talking about

  • PaulaFrogs

    I think portraying black people as they are being portrayed in this kind of drama is like trying to erase the atrocities that really happened in history. And that's not good. Society should not forget what really happened.

  • taeil time
    taeil time

    so is nobody going to talk about the fact that racism just doesn’t exist in this show?

    • Change ur username
      Change ur username

      why do you want it to exist in this show, black people need a break too

  • Just Chilled
    Just Chilled

    Bidgerton was so boring and it got way to much hype

  • Bea Manlangit
    Bea Manlangit

    My favorite part in this show is when Daphne's cool sister hunting the gossip girl haha. Actually her sister is my favorite character, Daphne's kinda sucks.

  • Kara9312 Korovulavula
    Kara9312 Korovulavula

    I thought that it would be an uplifting romance. But all I saw was Daphne pushing up to Simon to love her, she didn't even practice patience. She just forcefully told me love me now or you'll regret it. There was a lot of sex scenes between the two, which will sort of brainwash people into thinking love is all about sex got it. Then, to have a rich guy her brother what's his name Aaron? Play with my girl's heart and then he goes to realize he lost her. Like ok big time narcissists he is. Honestly, did not assist any of us on anything. I was rather disappointed. Not willing to watch a season 2 to be honest. All they taught us was how not to love, literally. And that speech by Simon, ofc that's because you already slept with Daphne, probably got brainwashed my the sex.

  • Siusan Dunkle
    Siusan Dunkle

    The show is based on a great book series, but the show has nothing but the title and the name and the sibling name

  • Hey, I'mValarie
    Hey, I'mValarie

    I watched half the first episode (couldn't take it, I hate it), and I just realized whilst watching this that the narrator is Julie Andrews. Ha.