Ginny and Georgia is kinda dumb
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Bridgerton is a kinda dumb

The Winx Saga is the dumbest show

Riverdale is already a mess again...

To All The Boys 3 is kinda dumb

I dont even know what Riverdale is anymore...

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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

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    • Xavier Rodriguez
      Xavier Rodriguez

      Idk if its just me but i hated hunter hes soooo cringy and he act like a boyfriend for the 4th grade 🤣

    • rosikun

      @shawn 11111111

    • rahna k m
      rahna k m

      Please do part 2 of this. It's so much fun😂😂

    • Ghoul

      It’s ok

    • Watermelon Sunset
      Watermelon Sunset

      He should do a Netflix show called Locke and Key. I haven’t met anyone who has watch that show.

  • Nabiha Mobin
    Nabiha Mobin

    Ginny and Georgia is like an extremely cringe copy of Gilmore Girls everything is so similar it's predictable

  • lil rat
    lil rat

    4:18 the amount of times that people have done that to me bc i'm mixed just like Ginny (i think thats her name)

  • Riki

    Ginny is a bit problematic lol

  • Blue Tasneem
    Blue Tasneem

    Comparing this garbage to Gilmore Girls is stupid.

  • Jessica Marie
    Jessica Marie


  • QG

    I got to a point that I had to stop watching I got to a point where I couldn't stand even looking at Ginnys sulky face. The annoyance was visceral. After a few days I went back and just skipped most of her parts. I hope they rewrite her character to be less f*cking annoying.

  • Lavona Lawton
    Lavona Lawton

    I get that ginny was selfish but let's not act like Georgia had those guns because of a rich neighborhood she had those guns way before and she was the most selfish person on this show running from past demons to get herself out of the messes she caused and couldn't clean up

    • •XE• 「ecstasy」
      •XE• 「ecstasy」

      Yeah but some of these things were understandable and also she can be selfish people are selfish beings but Ginny was definitely more selfish and most importantly annoying

  • LesLeigh J.
    LesLeigh J.

    I don’t know why everyone is making Georgia a saint and Ginny the villain. Georgia was an abused child who left home young, got pregnant underaged, and raised her children in an unstable household. She’s a liar, a murderer, a thief, and a con artist. She can “love” her children, and still be all of those things. Even if she did all of those things “for them,” it doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s basically a career criminal who never healed from her own traumatic childhood and is now traumatizing her own children, just in a different way. Ginny, is someone who has grown up to display narcissistic tendencies because she had an extremely unstable childhood with an emotionally neglectful, selfish, and criminal mother. Her dad is present enough for her to realize how much he’s NOT around. She has low self-worth (if any), because both of her parents are self-absorbed and neglectful. Yes, she is insufferable at a lot of times, but she’s a traumatized child being raised by a traumatized mother. Georgia is not the hero and Ginny is not the villain, and the same is true in reverse. Ginny is a mirror for all of Georgia’s worst qualities.

    • •XE• 「ecstasy」
      •XE• 「ecstasy」

      @LesLeigh J. Trust me when I say this, most of the people I’m friends with don’t act like this. Even my online friends, and they are teenagers. If she didn’t know what she was doing was wrong then her “friends” should’ve called her out on it! Also I agree with you Georgia was neglectful, I actually didn’t notice until I actually thought about it.

    • LesLeigh J.
      LesLeigh J.

      @•XE• 「ecstasy」 you can definitely neglect a child and still provide food and shelter for them. Georgia was emotionally neglectful to both of her children, which is partially why they both are struggling. Ginny is annoying, but she’s also a teenager, and most teenagers are annoying in some way. They are the same in the sense that they are both self-destructive and make poor choices based on their narcissistic tendencies.

    • •XE• 「ecstasy」
      •XE• 「ecstasy」

      Well let’s be honest, when you’re unstable you really just don’t know if you needed help which Georgia needed. Also she didn’t even neglect her child whatsoever. I don’t know about you but Ginny is definitely more of an annoying person. Sure Georgia is bad but Ginny is just as bad but like the annoying type of bad. They aren’t the same at all.

  • Shruti Nagesh
    Shruti Nagesh

    Georgia > Ginny

  • Kenzi T
    Kenzi T


  • Chequisha Chowhari
    Chequisha Chowhari

    Let’s not forget the birthday tapdance Hunter did 🤡.

  • Heysm kater
    Heysm kater

    I feel ginny that's all i got to say. Edit: just not her personality being cringe when she gets called out. Can't relate i just shut up.... Any who

  • Kashfia Bin Raka
    Kashfia Bin Raka

    ginny is so annoying and dumb....

  • Sasha Is A.R.M.Y
    Sasha Is A.R.M.Y

    This the dumbest show they put on Netflix

  • i dont wanna
    i dont wanna

    She lost her v card at 15 years old? Wait, HOW OLD SHE AGAIN?!

  • Roffee Red
    Roffee Red

    I love this show but! Sometimes its so stressful to watch like i hate ginny character she’s always making stupid decisions.. and her friends are stupid as well

  • TheWipal

    like how u gonna throw ur mom under the bus like that what the fuck

  • Ella Nettling
    Ella Nettling

    Georgia is so annoying, to much trying to be young.

  • little kiwi
    little kiwi

    Georgia is a queen and apart from that she's so beautiful....I mean look at that flawless glowing skin and that perfect jawbone and features and ofc the perfectly toned come my mon looks like a potato sack and she looks like a Diva

    • •XE• 「ecstasy」
      •XE• 「ecstasy」

      Maybe you shouldn’t say your mom looks like a potato sack that’s rude

    • Ren Bo
      Ren Bo

      Maybe it's cause she had ginny at like 15?

  • little kiwi
    little kiwi

    I didn't even know this show until they made a sexist comment about Taylor Swift in this show and Netflix had the fuckin audacity to not cancel this shit

  • Beatrix BRADLEY
    Beatrix BRADLEY

    I love how everyone is just united in the fact that Georgia is awesome

  • MJ -
    MJ -

    this entire season we're meant to hate ginny so we can watch her mature in the 2nd one

    • Neguse Angel
      Neguse Angel

      Hope so

  • Titli Chanda
    Titli Chanda

    I kinda like Marcus nd ginny though They cheated nd all...but It's kinda my guilty pleasure! nd Georgia is literally the queen of the show...nd Joe is the king!!! Max is super emotional but She is kinda lively nd jolly which balances the Freaking I'm the Victim nature of ginny everytime. Idk y But I hate hunter!!!! Ginny's Dad was unexpectedly The cherry on top.

    • •XE• 「ecstasy」
      •XE• 「ecstasy」

      Bro what did hunter do? Marcus sucks IMO he’s freaking creepy.

  • Iris Lidwine Duquesne
    Iris Lidwine Duquesne

    ginny got on my nerves SO MUCH. and wtf was that ending??

  • Masego Masemene
    Masego Masemene

    I love Georgie but no one ever talks about how she does everything for Ginny and only half as much for Austin. Austin goes through a lot only for his issues to be dismissed. Kinda shows how parents overestimate depression in teens and underestimate it in kids

  • 장미

    I honestly don’t get it when Max got upset because Ginny was hooking up with her brother. Like, why is that offensive or bad? She overreacted like wtf. And the two other friends, especially Abby, were absolute bitches so yeah... plus the fact that they brought up important issues like Ginny’s self harming, Abby’s body image issues, etc and didn’t go any further..? And all the relationships portrayed were trash and toxic. What a weird show indeed.

  • Arely perez
    Arely perez

    Glad We Can All Agree The GINNY IS TRASH! She thinks she has so many rights over her mother but She Doesn't! Ginny Doesn't even stop after her mother opened up about her S/A she just keeps trying to cut away at her mom and make her act a way she won't

  • Melisa Agustin
    Melisa Agustin


  • Clara C
    Clara C

    This video made me pee my pants. I watched the whole show in one night and it made me cringe SO MUCH. I think more than any show I’ve EVER seen.

  • Cyltrx

    ok I'm gonna actually use morning brew

  • Lea Rahel
    Lea Rahel

    I feel like all these shows just have too much crazy drama. Yes, they don't have to be 100% realistic, but they are too far from reality in my opinion. Even if crazy stuff happens the character's reaction to that should at least be somewhat relatable or plausible. I feel like they are afraid that the storytelling and dialogues aren't living up to standards and therefore need to be hidden behind more and more craziness and drama. They mix plot driven and character driven together which is just too much. They tried to use the Gilmore Girls dynamic and make that edgier, which could've worked, BUT one big issue here is that they don't seem to have an understanding of how Gilmore Girls worked and why it was so popular. The other is - as you said - that they try too much at the same time as well as imitate elements from too many different shows/movies.

  • dollria

    I really don’t understand why everyone seems to love Marcus so much. Ok, he’s good looking. So?? He still would sneak into Ginny’s room through her window without her permission, pretty much cheated on Padma, and acted like a total jerk face to her. He couldn’t even be a decent guy. 😒

    • G-Ray WW
      G-Ray WW

      Fr. If Felix Mallard wasn't attractive, then Marcus would've immediately gotten canceled.

  • Eman Khan
    Eman Khan

    Marcus is odd

  • Kaliana Floyd
    Kaliana Floyd

    Ginny- is a brat cus she is a teenager who doesn’t understand anything her mom sheltered her she doesn’t know what she did ( her mixed storyline makes since because that’s how it is ) Max- she’s overly extra and they are trying wayyy to hard to make her seem relatable Marcus- only personality is the mysterious cute guy ( but if they go with the bestfriend dying I wanna see it) Hunter - a great bf and it’s not fair everyone is mean to him Nora- annoying Abi- deserves more storyline Georgia - an amazing character who has a great storyline This show is cringey af but has some good storylines

    • •XE• 「ecstasy」
      •XE• 「ecstasy」

      @mara :P Agreed

    • mara :P
      mara :P

      nora isn’t annoying 🤨

  • lilmil

    I understand ginny fully and still love her. I dont get the hate

    • •XE• 「ecstasy」
      •XE• 「ecstasy」

      That’s cause Ginny is a hypocrite, only cares about her self, cheats, and makes problems even though their isn’t a problem. If you’re this type of person I hope you change your ways.

  • lilmil

    I loved it

  • harryedwardstyles

    there is that one particular scene where abby is upset and saying how she has had the worst week and ginny makes it all about her, it really aggravates me. It shows how self-centred ginny really is.

  • Kk Love
    Kk Love

    The first episode sounds ✨jUiCy✨

  • lilmil

    I love it

  • may.a

    FACT: There is actually a pop band called Wednesday

  • Hannah Schriever
    Hannah Schriever

    I almost want to watch this again lol

  • Jaesumato

    Georgia did everything for them even took out a sexually abusive step dad for his money so they could thrive and she finally found a husband that was good to her, her children, and has money so they can live off it, then they sent their address to Austin’s dad like idiots, the only good characters in this show are Georgia, Zion, and Paul Georgia=queen Virginia= brat

  • A M
    A M

    Do manifest

  • Ava Lee
    Ava Lee

    In the second season, I really want to know more about Austin. At the end of the first season, his teacher said there were 'behaviors of Austin's that she'd like to discuss'. I think Austin either has bottled up feelings and is becoming too aggressive, or it has something to do with his dad. What's up with Gil? Is Gil really a bad, dangerous man? Could any angry temperament or issues have passed on to Austin? Georgia definitely does not pay enough attention to Austin, so I'd love for that to be explored more.

  • lilmil

    How do you screen record a netflix show? Like how do you record scenes

  • lilmil

    I liked the first episode so far

  • Kalyn C.
    Kalyn C.

    I’ve never seen this show. This video is making me glad I never had. I mean all the bs in the first episode is hilarious lol. What is this? I’m so tired of teen shows on Netflix.

  • Fariha Mim
    Fariha Mim

    dude you are even more annoying than this max character godddd stop talking

  • TikTokCurls TV
    TikTokCurls TV

    idc about what anyone has to say, i love ginny

  • Lauren B.
    Lauren B.

    Maybe it’s just me but I hate Marcus

  • Dakota Corbitt
    Dakota Corbitt

    I think it’s alright it wasn’t the best show but I really enjoyed it

  • Ayupeoo


    • Ayupeoo


  • Jamaya Fuller
    Jamaya Fuller

    Reason why most ppl didn’t like Ginny 1. She didn’t know how to stay in a child’s place 2.she thought everything was evolve around her 3.she blame Georgia for everything even though Georgia was a teen mom trying her best to keep food on the table a roof over their heads and clothes on their back 4.and she need to mind her business 5. Also if a family member don’t tell u about another family members than it’s a reason why they don’t want u to get involved with them 6. And how u going to blame ur mama for ur daddy not being in ur life like that man got two feet and a bike to get ur ass anytime and anyplace but he chose not to be with u not ur mama and u got his damn number like come on make it make sense

  • Naifinity F
    Naifinity F

    are 30 year old moms young cause mine is 30

  • Simlicity

    Georgia,Joe,and Marcus are the only ones I like 😂

  • YourPrinceNXT

    5:05 I'm dying here. Lmao.

  • Shakira Pazdera
    Shakira Pazdera

    I love georgia, she was just trying to do the best she could for her family. Ginny on the otherhand was ungrateful, self-centered and she managed to blame her mother for ligit all of her problems(most of which were her own fault)and she complained about not being accepted by the back kids when she ligit pushed them away on her own. And the way she talks to her mother is so rude and un aceptable 15 and i woudnt dare speak to my mom that way.

  • The Genshin Girls
    The Genshin Girls

    Do Project MC square

  • Zaynab M
    Zaynab M

    hunter is a menace to society

  • Nosihle Mbambo
    Nosihle Mbambo

    I would love to see you beatbox, Alex! 🤣

  • Nosihle Mbambo
    Nosihle Mbambo

    I've been following your page for at least 3 years now but I still have to remind myself not to take your video titles literal.

  • weird human being
    weird human being

    Ok everybody always goes after ginny like always becuase all her promblems are other peoples promblems she wants to make her own promblem or whatever but ginny actually has alot to worry about,her mother is lowkey awesome but a freaking murderer lets not forget that. she moves around alot and dosnt have all these freinds and everything is differnent now. its a lot to get used to

  • weird human being
    weird human being

    i actually want that beatbox vid lmao

  • Get_Lost

    Ginny is a spoiled brat who thinks she deserves everything and nobody can change my mind. She's ALWAYS the victim apperantly. 😐 Edit: Nevermind. Scrolling down everybody agrees lmaoo.

  • sumaiya ahsan
    sumaiya ahsan

    I just finished watching this show. I love Georgia and Max!

  • The Rascal King
    The Rascal King

    My mom just started this and I watched a few minutes. What I got from it is a half-hearted attempt to recreate "the breakfast club" but with modern overtones. I agree with the others by saying they never saw how teens act or talk, almost as they only took lines from twitter and reddit, thinking "this must be how the fellow kids talk and act! Oh, we have to constantly talk about sex in every scene especially when it isn't needed! That will work!" Just my thoughts and opinion. If you like it, cool. If not, that's cool too. It just felt called in and forced, rather than just being natural.

  • plus

    Who else hates hunters hair

  • Mimsy

    Just saying, the actress for Ginny is gorgeous.

  • Mimsy

    I never watched this show so these comments are interesting

  • Olivia Ksiag
    Olivia Ksiag

    The first two episodes were a complete shitshow so I stopped watching, then my sister watched it and told me to watch it so I did. It didn't become any less of a shitshow, but it did become more interesting.

  • aliyxh

    things that make me angry Ginny Hunters hair Max Abby Marcus and Ginny's relationship Cynthia things that make me happy Joe Georgia Austin

  • Shikhar Varshney
    Shikhar Varshney

    honestly this show is decent only because of georgia and joe. ginny and the whole MANG thing really make this show weird and cringe but it’s overall a decent show and a show i def won’t watch again

  • vumi tazanu
    vumi tazanu

    you should do never have I ever

  • Anna Lian
    Anna Lian

    7:08 that is how i would describe my life

  • dara zivkovic
    dara zivkovic

    i don't like how show tries to cover serious topics like body dysmorphia and put crap scenes like "happy friday ginny, welcome to friday" in the exact same episode, ginny is a horrible to her mom the whole time for no reason, characters have no depth to them, there is too much happening at the same time, i have a huge problem with max and how they instead of coming up with a original idea for her story line or doing something a viewer could relate to they decided to make her gay and call it a day and they didn't even bother to cast a queer actress for the role, dialog is weird and cringy most of the times and there is so much more i don't like about the show and if you do happen to like it im so sorry if i offended you this is just my opinion and im really angry right now because netflix keeps making shows like "ginny & georgia" and "winx saga" while canceling amazing shows like "im not okay with this" and "society"

  • Snow Bear
    Snow Bear

    More screentime for joe plssss

  • brayden L
    brayden L

    thanks for letting me know if i should watch a show or not. im not watching this

  • Hi There
    Hi There

    Hear me out, Ginny kinda reminds me of Bella from twilight 😂

  • Salem Ayoub
    Salem Ayoub

    this show uses Beirut as a drinking game unironically, so it's a no from me

  • Nora AbouDahr
    Nora AbouDahr

    Ginny and Georgia is one of the worst shows I’ve ever watched lol

  • Wow Poops
    Wow Poops

    I blame the writers because of how dumb the script was.

  • ZahraAnimations

    Watch Family reunion

  • belle B
    belle B


  • 𝗕𝘂𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗵..𝗙𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗸

    Im not gonna lie Max is the best character nobody can change my mind and ginny is the least first shes okay then shes just annoying 4:39 uhm Max is lesbian why would she talk about cute boys?..

  • Will Watson
    Will Watson

    6:48 That’s so true😂😂😂

  • Nic UnHipNic
    Nic UnHipNic

    I tried watching the first episode, but it was just so cringy and stupid.

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick

    it pissed me off when Ginny was saying she is more oppressed then hunter because she's mixed and how she was steriotyping him then he did the same thing to her and she got mad

  • V Limans
    V Limans

    proof that for some children, the apple falls far far afr away from the tree

  • How Is Your Day So Far?
    How Is Your Day So Far?

    they literally just looked at urban dictionary and stan twitter and thought that’s how all teenagers talk

  • How Is Your Day So Far?
    How Is Your Day So Far?

    georgia fake accent is the cringest thing out of the whole show I live in Texas and barely anyone sounds like that

  • Linnéa Berg
    Linnéa Berg

    9:20 is where I died !!! ironic celebration track have never hit this hard😭

  • nina swinkels
    nina swinkels

    this show went from 1 to 100 in like 2 seconds

  • African princess
    African princess


  • Multi Stan
    Multi Stan


  • diaqhanous

    all I have to say is that i deeply regret watching ginny and georgia

  • Ida's World
    Ida's World

    I used to like Marcus but rewatching this video made me realize he is reallyyyy creepy and basically a stalker 💀💀

  • bigmac ndcheese
    bigmac ndcheese

    My opinion on all of the characters- Georgia- interesting, I like her a lot but I think she gets herself into so much trouble it stresses me out, good mom most of the time Ginny- liked her at first but now if she wasn’t the main character I would hate her Hunter- wtf. He’s so creepy and cringe to me like I DIED when I saw the snap videos of him singing good morning LMAO. Sweet boy doe but damn wtf. MARCUS- stereotypical grungy boy whose not like anyone else 🤟🏼 Max- giving me Netflix degrassi vibes... that’s all I’ll say Nora- unbothered but literally adds nothing to the show besides getting so UpSeT that she was in a house with guns Abby- I actually like her, she seems like the most realistic teen but she’s sometimes so dramatic and I can never tell what she’s feeling lmao (which is why I think she’s more realistic) Ginnys dad - I liked him, but they tried too hard to make him artsy ( gives me Leo but also libra vibes) The mayor- I think his name is Paul...., I don’t really care about him I just want Georgia and joe to end up together. Joe- if Georgia won’t date him I will 🥴. Max and marcus’s parents- LOVE THEM omg, so great. Austin- Georgia ignoring his problems at school pissed me off... he most definitely does need therapy Georgia’s gay friend that works at the mayor place with her- I forgot his name but I freakin love him If I missed someone sorry not sorry Conclusion: Wtf. I love the show but I’m getting so tired of movies and shows not accurately representing teens... like I know they have to make it enjoyable but WHO literally has enough freedom and time to throw legit parties and get drunk and have sex....? Even as a sophomore... how is that realistic? I’m a junior and I’ve never been to a party, never even been to a sleepover since high school started, maybe that’s because covid took up my freshman and sophomore year but still I think this show is reaching when it comes to teens.

  • Fatemeh Makvandi
    Fatemeh Makvandi

    Please do never have i ever

  • Linnea

    I did nothing but cringe through this entire thing holy hell, good thing that you watched it so that I don't have too. I'm so done with these tropes jesus chirst. The only thing that seems good about it is Ginny's AMAZING mom