Harry Potter literally makes no sense...
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Sharkboy and Lavagirl literally makes no sense

The Kissing Booth 2 is hilariously dumb

Fifty Shades of Grey is hilariously dumb...

ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...

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  • DoodleAnimationsYT

    At least he doesn’t like Guys and Dolls

  • dark KONEKO- gaming
    dark KONEKO- gaming

    I don't understand why people like Harry Potter so much. I think it makes no sense

  • Shiz Edits
    Shiz Edits

    Your 33 sheesh

  • Corey Howell Jr
    Corey Howell Jr

    Do the next movie

  • E_jj

    2:34 ✨non-verbal magic ✨ dude, also in the books its said that a lot of muggle kids use magic on accident when their emotions get the best of them and thats how they end up being found by hogwarts :)

  • Cobra Knight
    Cobra Knight

    This is what happens if you dont read the books 🤦‍♀️ This is hella funny tho

  • Elexis Makelki
    Elexis Makelki

    I'm in Hufflepuff and i don't stop talking about being in Hufflepuff.

  • The A Way
    The A Way

    Honestly your stupid It is based of a FICTIONAL book Ofc it won’t make sense and does it matter ? I hate how you go after stuff including my favorite childhood shows

  • sabnam Ubaidulla
    sabnam Ubaidulla

    2:30 Aunt Marge : well...

  • Furry Moth
    Furry Moth

    I might be wrong but im pretty sure wizards are able to do spells without a and but they have to control their emotions and since harry didn't quite grasp that he never could but in the begining he was able to because of his emotions or its just a way to present the begining of his being a wizard XD

  • carina yee
    carina yee

    Emma is trying so hard to act like” trying hard”

  • Mohamed Talks
    Mohamed Talks

    just be honest you are a hater right that is what i am getting???!!?!?!?

  • Z

    when harry makes the glass disappear its called "accidental magic" which happens only to small children who doesn't know how to control their powers

  • GachaTuber_27


  • The Secondary
    The Secondary

    I could give an explanation for everything in Harry potter that is confusing but I don't have the time

  • replay2020

    I almost died on the comparison of catching the Snitch to the perfect Pikachu picture. 💀😂

  • Christian Moreno
    Christian Moreno

    If you think Harry Potter doesn’t make sense then read the book at least

  • shaan

    Read the books and it will make sense, the whole movies do not

  • Carl

    them using owls to deliver letters is just cruel. i'm pretty sure muggles using email is faster

  • Randy Crawford
    Randy Crawford

    Can you do Harry Potter 2 and 3

  • Random Indian Girl Here
    Random Indian Girl Here

    :l im a huge potterhead if this is only based off of the movie sure but if based off the books too then like this kinda bad-

  • William Ednie
    William Ednie

    You sir are wrong. The eldest child literally has to carry the responsibility of making sure his or her siblings are safe, they get good grades, and on top of that do their chores, check on their parents and try to keep their family together. The youngest child is the favorite. They always get the excuse of "they're younger than you" or "they do stuff with me that you guys don't" or even the worst one "you are older than them start acting like it". The middle child just wants to be seen.

  • Nicho Biebuyck
    Nicho Biebuyck

    he dident read the books

  • TigerCat111

    "The perfect example of why I got a vasectomy" I'm having a stroke rn

  • Elsa Woodland
    Elsa Woodland

    Hey I'm in Hufflepuff and Hufflepuff is the best house and have powerful Hufflepuff

  • aditi

    7:00 "hufflepuff for kids who never shut up about being a hufflepuff" as a hufflepuff, ouch.

  • Tes O
    Tes O

    Am I the only Potterhead here that is trying to hold in all the answers to the dudes questions?

  • Emily Kuper
    Emily Kuper

    oh, the content this man would have if he covered wattpad fan fictions

  • NightBlade

    bruh quditch is not stuipd besides

  • Rosa San Juan
    Rosa San Juan

    I love Harry Potter I just finished reading all the books and now I'm sad because I don't know what to read anymore

  • PotterheadLike_Hermione

    I have Filmora

  • PotterheadLike_Hermione

    Harry Potter does make sense

  • Wizard Wor
    Wizard Wor

    dude that Mario background music is super distracting

  • Festus Kagoda
    Festus Kagoda

    Alex:"That's how Harry made the glass and Rupert Grant himself disappear."

  • Shara Rajora
    Shara Rajora

    While I watching this video I was preparing for answers of all the questions Alex Meyers had raised to tell him how it all actually makes sense. But in the end, Alex Meyers was right about the movies. All those who have seen HP movies but never really read the books miss alot of information that was very necessary to make sense of the events they show in the movies. Apart from that the biggest problem I had with the movies was incorrect portrayal of Ronald Weasley to raise Hermione Granger's character. Frankly not many who has read the books can put Harry and Hermione together because book readers know what exactly Harry felt for Hermione as a individual. This pair gained popularity and was even given charged-moments just in the movies because Emma Watson was very attractive. They had destroyed another character called Ginny Weasley just to uplift Harry-Hermione as a pair. Movies did left HP series hollow and was never really able to do justice to the real depth of the series.

  • logan wolf
    logan wolf

    2:34 Ah, so you didn't read the books. It's explained in the books.

  • Ergotth

    Dang, I never noticed how this scene was so poorly written... 9:35. Amateur-level exposition dialogue.

  • Ella Steffens
    Ella Steffens

    BWAAAAAAAA! Harry beat the evil wizard man with the power of love...

  • boom557 123
    boom557 123

    Why is Snape just SO GODDAMN WELL CAST?

  • Ali Rosenbusch
    Ali Rosenbusch

    The title is suspiciously close to Pretty Much It’s title for Harry potter... love that 🙏🏽💕😎

  • Isabella Remington
    Isabella Remington

    What would you three be doing inside on a day like this WE GO TO SCHOOL HERE

  • Blinkxr _
    Blinkxr _

    nah g HP was perfect 😎


    Can somebody PLEASE tell me what's to like about Harry Potter. I don't like it, but I want to. I find it weird, but I REALLY want my opinion changed. What is there to like about it? Like the books.

  • Bob is not gay
    Bob is not gay

    They make what

  • Lela Goddard
    Lela Goddard

    2:39 It’s accidental magic but once your aware of it you kind of get a mental block to it.

  • varun009

    Tbh, Hermione's character arch was awesome and brilliantly executed. She becomes one of my favorite characters after Ron's mom and dad.

  • Ashwikka Singh
    Ashwikka Singh

    why do ya even make videos, you are ridiculous

    • Cuboid Gamez
      Cuboid Gamez

      Being ridiculous is what makes his videos funny and Intertaining to watch

  • Valer

    Your a fucking male model what

  • Allen Holloway
    Allen Holloway

    A lot of things didn't quite make full sense in the books, either. Which, when filled out with the simplest explanations, turns Dumbledore from "old man who means well but has a few problems" to "manipulative bastard who arranged every single thing just to test Harry, with no regards for student safety, or any other student in practically the entire school."

  • Milena Garcia
    Milena Garcia

    I too laughed at the power of love 😂😂.

  • Kat Baggetz
    Kat Baggetz

    I enjoyed the sequel to these movies! Has anyone else heard about the Netflix series called “Worst Witch”-

    • Toby

      I love the Worst Witch. I did not read or watch Harry Potter; however, I can see the resemblance.

  • Kat Baggetz
    Kat Baggetz

    All I could think about was Matilda while watching this-

  • PGtrends

    Do the other 6 movies

  • Minecraft Soph
    Minecraft Soph

    Harry Potter makes sense to meh no hate tho

  • Beamon

    avarda kebavra

  • Moody_Madi

    I just realized as I re-watched the Harry Potter franchise, how much I HATE dumbledoor.


    Wait was that Hollow knight music

  • Crystal Jones
    Crystal Jones

    Hollow Knight music!!

  • Anton Yarber
    Anton Yarber

    U think everything is dumb I have seen your videos u hate almost nearly every show I not trying to be mean but u are kinda picky I am not try to be mean or rude but which movies do u like

  • Geribaldi's Games
    Geribaldi's Games

    Yeah, but I didn't read the books and the character motivations are all eventually revealed throughout the series. Unfortunately not seeing all of them I can imagine someone leaving really confused (example: Snape. My wife actually read the books and I was really confused about him for about 3 of the movies)

  • Bellatrix Lestrange
    Bellatrix Lestrange

    Do Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets please

  • Will Wolfhard
    Will Wolfhard

    the John Williams score makes me cry

  • Neoh Yi Woon
    Neoh Yi Woon

    Harry Potter was my early childhood and yes I get the impact of it on childrens media such as children books And revisiting both the books and the movies after being inspired to do that by my neighbours son who is a big fan of Harry Potter himself. At least the later movies and books of Harry Potter are where Harry Potter improved in terms of story and worldbuilding and even characterisations

  • Maria Victoria Osio
    Maria Victoria Osio

    just followed you are so funny lol

  • grape

    Harry potter is the most overrated thing i have ever seen. I've read all the books and the first few were alright, but as the series went on they kind of dropped in quality, and the movies just don't make much sense. Plus I get annoyed at people who say harry potter is so original, it's not really. There's a few things harry potter did make up and some original parts of it, but it's still a pretty unoriginal story of 'this guy killed your parents and so you're the chosen one to go kill them since they're super powerful but you can do it since yeah.'

  • Keira Flaherty
    Keira Flaherty

    I honestly think that the reason there are 7 players on a quidditch team even though the seeker is the only one who can win the game is because it would take a while for the seeker to catch the snitch so it keeps the game going as just watching a seeker trying to catch a snitch can get kinda boring

    • Roger Karmacharya
      Roger Karmacharya

      @Keira Flaherty An easy thing to overlook understandably... In book 4 during the Quidditch worldcup, Viktor Krum(Bulgaria) gets the snitch but still loses the match.

    • Keira Flaherty
      Keira Flaherty

      @Roger Karmacharya ohhhh that makes quidditch makes so much more sense. I thought that catching the snitch means you win. Idk it’s been a while since I’ve watched the movies or read the books I’ve forgotten some stuff.

    • Roger Karmacharya
      Roger Karmacharya

      Catching a snitch gives you 150 points which almost guarantees your victory...but not always...If you catch the snitch when the other team is more than 150 points ahead, you lose despite catching it.

  • adele blue
    adele blue

    Hermione and rons love story is iconic

  • Tara Ehsani
    Tara Ehsani

    How dare you

  • Ann Edwards
    Ann Edwards

    Alex: hufflepuffs are people who never shut up about being in hufflepuff Me being in hufflepuff:😡😡

  • Chonky Boi
    Chonky Boi

    You just insulted an entire race of people, but yes.

  • Sven Ausubo SloanHeartsill
    Sven Ausubo SloanHeartsill

    You gotta love that hollow knight music

  • Maria Malkasian
    Maria Malkasian

    NOOOO you can make fun of anything but this!!!

  • JulieSlyter

    it was 0:22

  • JulieSlyter

    wrong time stamp

  • JulieSlyter

    i know this vid was a long time ago but in the time stamp 19:17 your laugh sounded like the clown from dead by daylight.

  • Youssef Matta
    Youssef Matta

    do the other harry potter movies

  • Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner
    Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner

    I love Filmora, I use it for editing

  • Sparkle and shine :)
    Sparkle and shine :)

    Is Harry Potter is great

  • Jay N
    Jay N

    I nevwr read the books. Watched the movies with my wife because she is a huge fan and I had no issues following everything. Made complete sense. I then did listen to the books on a road trip and while they definitely left things out I didn't think it really affected the story in to many meaningful ways. I just feel like you have to watch all the movies because there are gaps which are later kinda filled in when in the books it was handled in the moment with internal dialog of some kind. Books are better for sure, but as far as movie adaptations go I thought this was one of the better ones.

  • Timur 56255
    Timur 56255

    It can be excused by magic xD

  • Nymph

    you gonna do all the movies?

  • Punyasloka Sahoo
    Punyasloka Sahoo

    Professor Quill was secretly Sheldon

  • Loki Litte
    Loki Litte

    Love this 😂



  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime

    How dare you you freakin disgusting disgrace Harry Potter is great

    • Xehanort10

      No it was never that good and its author only keeps making it worse with constant retcons where she pretends random stuff she reveals on Pottermore and Twitter that makes no sense to the characters, story or world the series is set in was stuff she planned all along for years when it wasn't. And also when she pretends Harry Potter is some deep, complicated morally grey series when it's as black and white as they come. All Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws are good and all Slytherins are evil. Anyone who's Harry's friend is portrayed as good while anyone who isn't is branded evil. She hypocritically has Sirius tell Harry the world isn't just good people and Death Eaters but the heroes and villains are only ever one of the two. The only villains who aren't Death Eaters are Quirrell who might have been possessed by Voldemort and shared his beliefs about power but wasn't a Death Eater, Lockhart who while portrayed comedically erased people's memories and got rich and famous from things they'd done and Greyback who was only used by Voldemort to threaten people into doing what he wanted by saying he'd set Greyback on their kids but he wasn't a Death Eater because Voldemort hated werewolves in general. Umbridge is basically a Death Eater in all but name with similar beliefs to them so she doesn't count as a non DE villain. And the one time she tried to write a morally ambiguous character she ended up portraying the creepy incel, bully as both a student and a a teacher that is Snape as a "tragic hero."

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    not supposed to that wasn't author intention it fails under category known as fantasy.

  • HyperJackDawson

    Your Such A Drama Watcher

  • TheRiceFarmerGamer

    Bruh this guy never read this book READ THE BOOKS

  • Q-man Hawkes
    Q-man Hawkes

    you suck i can write a whole esay about how bad its.

  • Debbie Matthews
    Debbie Matthews

    You know this show is known and like it by everyone right

    • Xehanort10

      Harry Potter isn't liked by everyone. You're only saying it is because YOU like it.

  • liela


  • Emily Speck
    Emily Speck

    SNAPE LITERALLY WAS A “Wheres my hug” TYPA GUY 😭😭😭

  • Karissa Brock
    Karissa Brock

    Hey be careful I'm in Hufflepuff and we are loyal and kind.

  • Emerald Empire
    Emerald Empire

    2:35 No, this happens as they cannot control there magic until they get a wand. Also, in the book, this happens to him many times. ( Yea I'm a potterhead )

  • Cyclone_ Marble
    Cyclone_ Marble

    Harry potter came out 20 years ago, that was 5 years shorter than when Pokémon came out, it’s been that long since the first Harry Potter movie came out,we are old now.

  • Miah -
    Miah -

    I was 4 years old

  • TheCult OFdionysus
    TheCult OFdionysus

    I like how Harry's backstory does not contribute to his personality, give him any mental illness or get involved with the plot most of the time and its just here to make you feel bad. He could just have foster parents who are afraid to let him go out to a strange school all on his own and that would be enough. Why is no one talking about how Harry Potter is not a good written story ? . Jk Rowling does not show, she only tells. She says "not all snek room dudes are bad guys" but makes 90% of the villains come from that house and give them only bad traits. Or when she says a Character is gay but does not show it in the book and just says it after the books are over. All the characters are so one dimensional, why does no one talk about it ever ??.

  • shwayne

    the thing that really bugged me about hogwarts apart from it being not safe was that their dining area was really small or not that big as it should be. like the cafeteria of my school was effin big! it also had a garden in between it.

  • maysa khalil
    maysa khalil

    *pushes against cups 'HARRYYY DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE' dumbledore said calmly

  • Varshini

    I am new to Harry Potter fandom. I really enjoyed your video, it made me laugh. But...gosh these comments...this fandom is so toxic!