Mean Girls was a weird movie...
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Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2 is even dumber than the first one

Princess Protection Program is hilariously dumb

Bridgerton is a kinda dumb

The Winx Saga is the dumbest show

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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    Hey guess what?? The video got copyright claimed anyway haha. If you enjoyed it, please consider watching a few of my other videos. These videos take a long time to make so you can probably understand how rough it is for me to have one of them make zero revenue heh heh 😥

    • The World of Tiktok
      The World of Tiktok

      Arabic channel please

    • p4nyboy.c4rtis


    • TigerTate 09
      TigerTate 09


    • White Skull
      White Skull

      As someone with a sister (and I do intentionally ask her about her day and how she's doing) this sh*t is true. And it's not because women are catty by nature. It's the manifestation of patriarchy. If you're a woman, you're generally designated a value based on looks. And you're taught that marriage is important. And that women have an 'expiration date'. Imagine being a young, stupid child and having to compete with all of that plus hormones? I dunno man, I think you should try talking to the women in your life and asking them how realistic Mean Girls is to THEM.

    • Meowth

      1 that's terrible 2 I liked the video 3 please do a video on Liv and Maddie

  • teenoll

    Weird movie weird movie weird movie weird show weird show bizarre yes yes Yes we undestand 😘

  • Trisha Rose
    Trisha Rose

    I remember being obsessed with mean girls, I was raised in Vancouver but born in Toronto… I moved to Toronto and ended up going to the high school the entire outside of mean girls was filmed and I GAGGED

  • Urban Beaver
    Urban Beaver

    Dude your drawings facial expressions and animations are FANTASTIC!! I cant seriously stop laughing everytime I see one clip of your white drawing personality!

  • Mia Sredic
    Mia Sredic

    1:43 is after promotion :)

  • Epic Enderman
    Epic Enderman

    Didnt you already make this idk I feel like u did

  • i_am_artemis2500

    5:42 had me rolling for no reason

  • Nicole

    The character drawing's movement of Alex Meyers genuinely scares me.

  • Seraphina_cal

    Mean girls was so good that it's my family's new years movie night

  • Doodledots .00
    Doodledots .00

    I just can't understand the thoughts of those ppl who disliked this video..

  • Lexa BoDexa
    Lexa BoDexa

    That’s because they were abused not just that they couldn’t handle the fame. So much deeper.

  • Drew Grahlfs
    Drew Grahlfs

    I watched this when I was 12 and could tell when we first met principal Duvall that he had a crush on Tina fey’s character

  • 𝕛𝕒𝕖

    *and the ✨homosexuals✨* me: *wHaT diD i dO 😩🌈😔*

  • Briar Dewar
    Briar Dewar

    9:00 It comes from a girl in my English class, who said she wants to study Romeo and Juliet so she can, and I quote, “learn another language.” She thought old English was a language another language

  • P. Dizzle
    P. Dizzle

    “You can’t wear sweatpants on a Monday!” People in winter: :/

  • marisma.

    i feel like mean girls only seems like a really good movie if you actually understand the psychology of the characters

  • TheDrakeProject

    I could not watch this video without little cues from the musical.

  • Smeagol's face
    Smeagol's face

    cady: *becomes one of the plastics* Alex Meyers (in Obi-Wan Kenobi voice): you have become the very thing you swore to destroy

  • Smeagol's face
    Smeagol's face

    "the rules of femenism" *there are rules?*

  • Toenails The third
    Toenails The third

    Bro you looked like Neville from hp

  • Sophie Schoon
    Sophie Schoon

    I want him to be the president of the United States of America

  • Who am I?
    Who am I?

    12:09 I’m glad we feel the same way. Life now is so much more complicated than just “fat” and “skinny.” You have to be both at the same time in all the “right places.”

  • The Nonfictional Explainer
    The Nonfictional Explainer

    I think I'm deaf now

  • Victoria Gowin
    Victoria Gowin

    Alex :adds Roblox Kids as a table me: well that's my table

  • Cody Camille
    Cody Camille

    Will you please do a Sky high reaction? Your videos are the best they make me and my mom laugh so much!

  • Canada

    amazing movie

  • Mirrame Beech
    Mirrame Beech

    Maybe you should try anime

  • Nalintina

    2004 was the best era of movies, like legally blonde, mean girls, etc.

  • Rhianna Angel
    Rhianna Angel

    am I the only one who didn't like the movie...? like the idea is good and all but it got done so poorly...

  • luggi lu
    luggi lu

    "Regina gets hit by a bus"

  • Gman's Gnarly Science Show
    Gman's Gnarly Science Show

    3:06 That Carpal Tunnel joke was pretty dark.

  • Gman's Gnarly Science Show
    Gman's Gnarly Science Show

    1:46 “Played by a real up and comer with a no doubt bright future, Lindsay Lohan.” Bwahahahahahaha 😂🤣😂

  • iDeeKayAlex

    Visit my store for Mean Girl merch. ---->

  • Lily M
    Lily M

    "Almost to gay to function" "The dumbest girl ever" "(Insert my name) is not sweet" Me.

  • Please enter a name
    Please enter a name

    Alex: Who would ever do that Also Alex: moves out the way😂😂🤣🤣

  • K

    The only thing that’s never accurate about movies like this is how the different misunderstood girl is supposed to be super smart and the popular girls are dumb when in reality it’s the other way around.

  • Renシ

    when she said ‘’That is so fetch!’’ I felt that 🥺✋

  • Shivi Queen
    Shivi Queen

    These sweatpants are the only ones that fit me right now- Grammarly does more than catch errors. :|

  • alwaysarcastic**

    “You go Glen Coco!”

  • Leslie Y
    Leslie Y

    There’s a Mean Girls 2?? Wow…had no idea 🤷‍♀️

  • Emiko Kameron
    Emiko Kameron

    so we aren't going to say anything about how Aaron was drinking Cranberry cocktail? time stamp: 11:33

  • draw with A.k
    draw with A.k

    2:11 was the moment i knew this is going to be an amazing movie

  • Ryan Rudolph
    Ryan Rudolph

    I would still say that Heathers surpasses mean girls in regards to comedy and introspection. It’s simply more fun and playful. But I still love Mean Girls(it’s a great movie, a close second)

  • Tasmia Tabassum Ruponty
    Tasmia Tabassum Ruponty

    I was born in 2004 ...I'm 17 ....if the movie was out that time then how can it be 20yrs old ... Ik you joked...and i said that without any reason ..

  • Daniel García
    Daniel García

    6:18 the reason is what you just saidbefore, she saw a girl prettier than her, so she absorve her to retain control and stay on the top, that's why he comes back with aaron while she clearly wanted to be shane, she was tormenting her to keep her on a leash

  • phoebe

    It's actually genius how Regina was created. Everybody seemed to have always wanted her validation. It's crazy how... idk manipulative? or strong she was? or the power she had over them to be able to ACTUALLY control them and the whole school itself.

  • Dylan Garcia
    Dylan Garcia

    4:00 why are teachers so trigger flipper when it comes to minor things and it's weird how they act like seeing thighs or bare shoulders is scandalous

    • Unusual Username
      Unusual Username

      Its legitimately weird a grown adult is staring at minors shoulders and thighs frequently enough to get offended by it.

  • Haneef Ahmad
    Haneef Ahmad

    Darn. I'm homeschooled and I'm going to my first day of school ever to 9th grade. Pls send help T-T

  • Perla Francis
    Perla Francis

    you should do make it pop

  • Theodor Ringheim
    Theodor Ringheim

    Damn, your animations are SOOOO HILARIOUS! :D

  • Tada Suko
    Tada Suko

    As someone who watched kids abuse the right to go to the bathroom constantly, I agree with needing permission to go.

    • Unusual Username
      Unusual Username

      Does your school not have hall monitors?

  • Linzi Leverenz
    Linzi Leverenz

    I agree so much about the bathroom thing. I have a medical issue that makes me pee a lot

  • Jasmine nodoka
    Jasmine nodoka

    YEAAA ikrrrr- why do we need the teachers permission to go to da bathroom

  • Aurelia Anderson
    Aurelia Anderson

    Ohhh that’s the girl from parent trap.

  • Charrodes, the destroyer
    Charrodes, the destroyer

    3:50 I'm a native german and I can say that makes no sense. (Bleib in ihren wohlgenannten Platz means stay in her well-named seat)

  • Jaxon Boissy
    Jaxon Boissy

    Why is it that popular kids always absorb the new kids

  • An anime girl with internet access
    An anime girl with internet access

    Janis seems like an emo.

  • Nabi meal
    Nabi meal

    can you do wild child?

  • OTDinosaur Scrubs
    OTDinosaur Scrubs

    6:40 this sounds oddly specific

  • Smeagol's face
    Smeagol's face

    "How was your summer?" "I got divorced." *Well okay then*

  • VSL Pluto
    VSL Pluto

    Why is no one talking about the Cthulu moment?

  • Moody_Madi

    This movie was SO good. idc what everyone else says

  • Just here
    Just here

    You should do heathers next

  • Hank J. Wimbleton
    Hank J. Wimbleton

    You know what would've been an interesting twist? If the plastics were actually really nice and friendly, and the unpopular kids were just being super bitter and unkind because they resented the kids who were more popular. I've seen that IRL and no fiction has ever really mentioned it.

    • Lily Angel
      Lily Angel

      Uuuuum legally blonde???

    • Queen Bee
      Queen Bee

      Someone needs to make that into a movie, I so watch!

  • Charlotte

    Regina's Ahhhh scene is really.... well what can u say🤣🤣🤣

  • Charlotte

    Can you also make videos about the movie "confessions of Shopaholic " I think it is a bit "weird" too😉😅 Or about " Just my luck" 😉

  • Charlotte

    I guess I get it by now that if our bro Alex Mayers likes the movie ' it'd be weird' if not 'it'd be worst movie 'I have ever seen' or I don't know whatever...😜🤣🤣

  • preston heil
    preston heil

    Teacher: Hey student do you have to pee? Student: well yeah I do. Teacher: well too bad wait 6 hours till schools over. Student: some teachers are born dumb ass dictators.

  • Dommy521

    Ahhh the right of passage for white girls everywhere lool

  • King Kong Man
    King Kong Man

    3:11 had me rolling on the floor

  • ✨Beep✨

    "Sometimes i get haunted by cthulhu and i just kinda.. O̸̭͕̥͆̆͋̓̄̓̓̕͠Ḁ̸̍̔̄̉̽͐͊̈́̚͝F̵̗̭̱̺͈̹̗͊̓̓̅̍̓͝F̷͙̝͓̏̐̍G̷̬͎͒Ṭ̷͕̞̱͆̋̐͐̈́̄̇̐̕͝R̶͖͙̼͔̱͉̐̿̓̎́͆̆̊͝ͅH̴̨̯̭͍̝̻͓̰̆͛͊̀̒̂́̚G̸͙̣̺͎̟͝S̸̖̤͕̹̞̏̓̔̽̀̐Ķ̴̝̪̹̦͚͎̻͙͐̽̍̓͋̾̕͠ͅH̸͎̘̩̱̣̍͛̿D̷̛͎̽̽̒L̴̤̀̂̃͑̾̆̈́͌̍̇O̴̧̯͚̼͊̑̀͐S̷͍̜̙͎̜̳̝̠̱̑̊͋̍͝H̴̳̓́̀̎́̋̑͝D̷̛̗͍̰͎̫̿̈́̽̃̏̒͜͜͝Ḳ̶̪̹̫̯͕̯̺̔̎̅͗̏̾̏̓̂͜͝ͅL̷̟͚̞̘̩̣̪̉̔͑̏͛D̵̮̘͙̤̘̋G̴͕̺̬̞̗̍̋K̷̢̢̼̰͇̗̺̦̑̉̈́́͐̄̉G̷̛͍͍̖͎͇͖̖͖̐̉͛̈́̽̽K̵̢̼͍̞̬̉G̸̢̨͕̳̩̗͖͉͕͙̔̅̊̑Ṅ̴̺͈̟̝͚̭̘̼̀͠T̴̛͓̞͎̪̦͕͕͓͓̀̀̒̌͜S̶͖͉͔̫̦̟̓̎̕ͅE̵̛̹̩͈̒̒͆̓͐̐̎͘Ŗ̷̢̗̙̞̏̀̅̚̚ͅO̵̠̫̺̝̖̓M̶̧̗̜̼̤̺̟̃̾̾̂́̏̚͘͝Ķ̵̡̡̮̞͍̻̳̼̅̆̓͂̈Ō̶͚̺̗͋F̵͖̃̈́Ḛ̵̯̪͎͛̊̈̊́͑̕R̵̛͖͔̘̝͐O̶͙̩̺̔͋̾͋̔̑̃̎͜Ȩ̴̪̐̈́̎̐͝G̴̦͍͎̥͙͌͝R̸̛̦̓͛̋̽̑͋̑́͝G̸̫̔̿͝Ţ̶̗̻͓͉̗̩͂P̶̧̖͔̟͈̤͂̈͋ͅG̵̩͇̊̏̇̽̋̉͝J̶̧̛̬̪̻̣̈̊̊̕̚Ȟ̵̛͓̼̞̮̤̜̫̘̌̉̈́̾͝ͅW̶̪͙͂͛͊̋̂͛̒̏͠O̵̙̯̞̤̻̰͋ͅÂ̴̼̳̮̰̐̒͘͝͠N̵̡̫̙̜͇̲̝̯̟͍̂̊̕͠

  • Juliana Maia
    Juliana Maia


  • Zach Vandiver
    Zach Vandiver

    11:30 happened to me before a few years ago and it is the one moment in my life I truly regret

  • the block
    the block

    This is the bast video ever🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tinygoat Animates Stuff
    Tinygoat Animates Stuff

    The only thing that didn't make sense to me was that Janis ended up with Kevin, sure they danced at the Spring Fling, but she looked somewhat uncomfortable. Other than that, they had no chemistry and it just kinda came out of nowhere.

  • Its Toca Carla
    Its Toca Carla

    5:42 yeah id be sitting at the toblox kid table lmao

  • Aksana Aghakishieva
    Aksana Aghakishieva

    We ask for permission to go to bathroom in school from first grade

  • C4ught_in4k

    can you do thundermans

  • Livv Worm
    Livv Worm

    People always assume new kids are stupid and have never interacted with another human before

  • salvadoroars

    Donot buy surfshark. It doesn't work on a banana!!!!

  • Tina Grantham
    Tina Grantham

    Watch the most annoying movie ever

  • vanilla cake sunshine
    vanilla cake sunshine

    12:10 thank u for summarizing my mind

  • Amy Stout
    Amy Stout

    did u just put sit by the choir room and watch glee u just called me out and I don’t appreciate it

  • Company Migo
    Company Migo

    This movie wasn't weird but I could enjoy it with popcorn. Regina still was like one of the worst characters I didn't see any applaud of nature from seeing her on film, maybe if they made a different movie but still for a hs chick flick she at least brought the real pain on cam with Janis Ian.

  • Gustavo Marquez
    Gustavo Marquez

    For me, the breakfast club is the best teenage movie ever. A reaction about it would be amazing!!

  • BlackpinkUnnie 🖤💖
    BlackpinkUnnie 🖤💖

    Parent trap to mean girls to awkward Lindsay Lohan

  • Hi

    Alex: 2004, what a time to be alive Me not alive then: 👁👄👁

    • Heather Duke
      Heather Duke

      oh lol what year were you born

  • Alex Dewayne
    Alex Dewayne

    But I still wish when the lady said the girls have gone wild, I wish he grabbed the camera before he grabbed the bat. It's a little dark and creepy but I always thought it was a perfect setup joke.

  • Alex Dewayne
    Alex Dewayne

    This is one of my favorite movies as a guy. I find it hilarious.

  • Valery Schroering
    Valery Schroering

    hi could you check out the show the babysitters club

  • Hayden

    I like your videos they're really funny

  • BananaMan

    watch Video Game High School thats one of the dumbest shows I've watched if my life

  • Chasinthecup

    7:01, did Damien just walk into the girls bathroom with no question

  • simplyꕥmal

    tbh your a rip off of TheOdd1sOut

  • Isabella Heredia
    Isabella Heredia

    god karen! you can't just ask people why they're white!

  • Hopper22

    2:07 I was eating some pasta and as a bisexual who hasn't seen this movie in years. I started choking of laughter. THAT IS FUCKING FUNNY!!

  • Charlotte Williamson
    Charlotte Williamson

    "And that's how Regina George died" - Cady 2004 My favourite line in Mean Girls

  • Tiffany Blair
    Tiffany Blair

    It's been 17 years and I never thought about why he had carpal tunnel.

  • Aditie 21
    Aditie 21

    Wait but how does this video explain mean girls being weird. I mean that’s a summary but how does this show that it was a “weird” movie. I mean I love your efforts and the video but the title doesn’t really match idk.

  • ruhi kulkarni
    ruhi kulkarni

    The grotesque head opportunely support because coach morphologically advise astride a eight underwear. petite, long-term pencil

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