Miraculous Ladybug is hilariously dumb...
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Shadow and Bone is pretty great...

SPY KIDS literally makes no sense...

Mean Girls was a weird movie...

The Winx Saga is the dumbest show

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  • Christos Gaming
    Christos Gaming

    Finally someone said it

  • Caden Tennison
    Caden Tennison

    I love this show, so I clicked on this video with a pessimistic mindset, but this was actually a really funny video. Love the content!

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    The show is super dumb, but I live it. Its like that ugly stuffed rabbit that Scott Lang gave to her daughter on her birthday in the Ant Man movie. It's so ugly, and I love it. I'm just watching this like its an anime.

  • Adrianwashere

    For Christmas you should watch the Miraculous Ladybug Christmas Special.

  • سعاده عبدالله سيف الصقرى
    سعاده عبدالله سيف الصقرى

    Plss maybe people like it and in fact u think every show is dumb maybe it’s not your type keep your stupid opinion to yourself😡😡

  • Margarita Williams
    Margarita Williams

    the show in a nutshell: everyone is "paris": happy only one can suffer among us oh shoot i said among us ' sus

  • Lizard Brick
    Lizard Brick

    *“Marionette”* Fans: * triggered *

  • Lizard Brick
    Lizard Brick

    “I’m so glad she falls every 5 seconds in this show” *actually, it’s 4*

  • Bhaskar Absalom
    Bhaskar Absalom

    Harry messed up the stats I’m sad

  • Miraculous Fan
    Miraculous Fan

    Dude 😑

  • Ayesha _Q14
    Ayesha _Q14

    She ain't a psycho she a mega psycho she know her crush's schedule for the next 3 years like he probably doesn't even know his schedule for the next week

  • Ayesha _Q14
    Ayesha _Q14

    7:40 literally me every time they transform 🤣

  • Sangita Bhagat
    Sangita Bhagat

    Maja nahi aaya

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl

    I could not stop laughing XD

  • _DripGod_

    bruh how she dont know cat noir is adrien and how adrien dont know marinette is ladybug bruh their hair

  • CHICKEN Chavez
    CHICKEN Chavez

    I watched this show in a weekend

  • Angie

    I know the show is dumb also the characters but I love it

  • Melia John
    Melia John

    I love it but it's just so stupid

  • Turtlegurlgaming

    I’m happy that he’s a Christian

  • Margot LeMaire
    Margot LeMaire

    It... looks really terrible

  • Madison Doerr
    Madison Doerr

    Miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir aka French Sailor Moon

  • @#S3k5r9 b0m6#@
    @#S3k5r9 b0m6#@

    I love this show because of how dumb it is lol ♥️🌸♥️

  • sof

    number 1: it’s a kids show😀

    • Ranch


  • Person

    I pretty much only like alya because marinette said "achoo im getting sick" then alya says "then dont breathe on him"

  • layla

    I don’t get why people like this, it’s a toddlers show, and all the characters look and sound annoying.

  • Ugh As if
    Ugh As if

    I can’t describe this show as good or bad just chaotic. I love it because of the tension and dramatic irony, because it’s a roller coaster of emotions a lot of the time, I’m attached to the characters and the lore and plot is actually quite compelling, even if incredibly slow moving. I’ve grown to tolerate and even appreciate the stupid aspects as just part of the shows charm, but there are some problems with the writing that need to be solved, such as giving Cat Noir more attention, not making Mari such a creep and giving Chloe a real redemption arc. Still I love this show no matter what weird turn it takes.

  • Ziaire Scott
    Ziaire Scott

    This show is dumb but we love it anyway am just in it for them to finally confess new miracles and new miracles boxes and for them to get older and for new superhero’s that’s is all it’s our dumb show UnU

  • Lex Lee
    Lex Lee

    2:21 Maybe not a psychopath, but she is a creepy, obessesive stalker. Yeah, no she it a psychopath. Become friends with the guy that deserves better and you'd get shanked by her-

  • MLB fan nothing else☕
    MLB fan nothing else☕

    Yall im a fan and i aint even mad this show is dumb and we love it and everybody here is blind in the show so thats what makes it more interesting😬

  • skepp fan 101
    skepp fan 101

    When I saw cat noir I literally said OH NO HES HOOOOT

  • Seraphina_cal

    Hawkmoth would literally die if he got transported to our world like theres so much negative emotion in one city

  • ♐°•*{⁰Queen Infinity3 Princess⁹}*•°♐
    ♐°•*{⁰Queen Infinity3 Princess⁹}*•°♐

    Also give me that Kirby music

    • ♐°•*{⁰Queen Infinity3 Princess⁹}*•°♐
      ♐°•*{⁰Queen Infinity3 Princess⁹}*•°♐

      The name

  • ♐°•*{⁰Queen Infinity3 Princess⁹}*•°♐
    ♐°•*{⁰Queen Infinity3 Princess⁹}*•°♐

    I love miraculous and I don't hate it

  • ♐°•*{⁰Queen Infinity3 Princess⁹}*•°♐
    ♐°•*{⁰Queen Infinity3 Princess⁹}*•°♐


  • tian

    This is the worst kids show I've ever seen, I mean there isn't even an Origin Story...

  • •COTTXN• #Stopanimaltesting
    •COTTXN• #Stopanimaltesting

    I love ur wheezes and roasts you should make a whole damn show its awesome! You should do a part2


    The only thing I don’t like about the show is because lots of people are combining the characters in the show with other anime’s and messing the other anime up for me lol

  • DKGaming rblx
    DKGaming rblx

    Watch s4, and check out marinette's depression, Nino's jealousy, Chat Noir's trust issues, and last but not the least, THE CONFUSING RELEASE ORDERS OF THE EPISODES

  • Cherry bon bon
    Cherry bon bon

    The people are blind asf in this show, and dumb little donuts, but its so addicting and ugh i hate but love it

  • Raneel Chirico
    Raneel Chirico

    I hate the show but I can't stop watching it but when that miracle queen episode came put i thought that was the end but when I stop watching it I see new episodes LIKE WHAT THE HELL MIRACULOUS YOUR SHOW IS TRASH BUT ADDICTIVE

  • CLAWS Vlogs&Games
    CLAWS Vlogs&Games

    I love this show so much, I don’t hate it, I love it but sometimes I can hate it but for a good reason, it’s entertaining, the characters are great but at the same time sometimes the decisions are a bit weird, with miraculous the story and the plot and the build ups can make me sit on the edge of my seat but when the characters make bad decisions or do weird things it can get me a little uncomfortable but I still watch

  • Nur Fee
    Nur Fee

    The fact that it remind me of Jeanne 😭😭😭

  • Genevieve VanDixhorn
    Genevieve VanDixhorn


  • HiI'mErin

    Ah yes, the amazingly written characters of Menacing Insect: Spiderman *Illegal* Dominatrix Cleo Angr Sad Butterfly Man ewe and the hot mom trope

  • Care Bee
    Care Bee

    Ex miraculous fan here. To everyone still watching your a masochist. Sorry i had to be the one to tell u😔

  • EndMySuffering420

    Never before have I been so offended by something I completely agree with

  • planetgabby


  • Briar Dewar
    Briar Dewar

    The only reason I watch this show is the hilarity of Marinette being in love with Adrien, Chat Noir being in love with Lady Bug, and they both just accidentally friend zone their crush all the time

  • Jayden Rivera
    Jayden Rivera

    i hate you so much

  • Madhu Ranjeet Singh
    Madhu Ranjeet Singh

    miracoulas ladybug has a lot of fans in many areas even though it was meant for teenagers kids watch it more the plot is very intresting and so are the characters ladybug kinda looks like spider man in the theme song but its okay

  • Riddhima Kumari
    Riddhima Kumari


  • ♦Deermisst ♦
    ♦Deermisst ♦

    It is dumb lol

  • Shades & Co
    Shades & Co

    I finally understand why people like watching trash TV and its beautiful

  • Silverlive

    Finally I found why people are obsessed with it

  • Sxxshii

    bruh chat noir and chloe are the reasons why i am watching this show

  • rezet'

    I watched it when I was in the middle school and now I'm high schooler then I finally stopped watch the show. It's keep getting dumber and dumber (especially Marinette she's definitely a jerk and psycopath) some characters are just sucks ,some are super interesting but don't get enough characters development soooooooooooo yes the show is bad but got me addicted to it for three years

  • storyteller


  • Hannah Kelly
    Hannah Kelly

    Quick question do you still watch miraculous?

  • Fxoggy._ Fxlls
    Fxoggy._ Fxlls

    The best seen:⛱⛱⛱⛱ funniest : basketball sorry I didn’t come to your dads funeral

  • John Webb
    John Webb

    I wish they stuck with the original draft toward this show. Where everything was 2D anime style and Adrien was a silent narcissist.

  • ꕥLila - Chanꕥ
    ꕥLila - Chanꕥ


  • Geks

    we just want to see the Ladynoir/Adrienette/Marichat endgame

  • Optima_the_odd_one


  • wilder yahir Moscoso Agurto
    wilder yahir Moscoso Agurto

    don't mess with my miraculous ladybug again, ok, you got it, start doing other things

    • Super noob 9000
      Super noob 9000

      No just stop it we can post our opinions on what we think

  • Minha :3
    Minha :3

    It honestly is dumb but I’m just there for the drama 😟

  • hihi hihi
    hihi hihi

    nono, but like the fact that we in the miraculous fandom see the umbrella scene as so important and then alex just laughs at it 💀

  • Alex Olvera
    Alex Olvera

    Alex needs to keep in mind this is a little kids show, Of Course It's Going To Be Cheesey!.

    • Unicorn Lover123
      Unicorn Lover123

      The show was originally aimed at teenagers, not kids.

  • Alex Olvera
    Alex Olvera

    How nobody speaks with a French Accent.

    • Imaan Ullah
      Imaan Ullah

      I’m pretty sure the show is originally in French but was dubbed in English

  • Biju Mathew
    Biju Mathew

    he only watched stoneheart

  • Biju Mathew
    Biju Mathew

    he has to just watch it he will be mlb fan

  • IT'S ME
    IT'S ME

    His laugh is just killing me

  • IT'S ME
    IT'S ME

    It's just amazing 😭 It's for kids but we know it's not really lmao, It's everywhere rn

  • Itz Starlette Gacha
    Itz Starlette Gacha


  • Anushka Banerjee
    Anushka Banerjee

    Please watch this Miraculous Vidoe ( about our kitty ) hrposts.info/five/video/0KbFh6-Hg9ZkyLo

  • Vera Burmeister
    Vera Burmeister

    I’m a twelve year old girl… you scare me sometimes…

  • Leakhena de Warren
    Leakhena de Warren

    as a french, chocolate milk for breakfast is totally normal

  • Solaris_blaze

    its stupid but its funny in its own ways so i watch it

  • Animates N stuff
    Animates N stuff

    Thats why we love it because its dumb XD

  • Panther

    If any of you hate this show your just sad

    • Recreatio

      @Panther Fans of miraculous have a choice whether to click on it or not. It's not the uploader's responsibility what appears in your recommendation, so don't be offended over something so small.

    • Panther

      Yeah sure they can hate what they wanna hate but I was just pissed that it appeared in my recommended and I would appreciate it if people like the person who made this video (no hate towards him) would just stop and think about what he uploaded and how it would make fans of miraculous feel

    • Recreatio

      Look who can't respect people's opinions.

  • Jackie

    Honestly coming from a huge fan of the show for mostly 3ish 4 years now, We understand it's dumb and cringy and that's why we love it lmao but also again, it's a KIDS show so we can't expect anything mature and over the top, season 4 enough is already exceeding expectations for a kids' show. It really amuses me how some people just love to criticize it for the smallest things. again, what were you expecting from a kids tv show? full-on romance, makeout sessions, blood, brutal fights, and drama?? It's a KIDS SHOW. The show as is, is amazing. No need to point out the obvious as if we already didn't know. Also, from the part of chocolate milk in the bowl, she is french. That is a French breakfast and may I say it's pretty damn delicious too. (Yea I know I might sound mean or something, I didn't mean it with that intention, don't view it that way *or do I honestly don't care* it's just my opinions on the show) ANYWAY, ONTO THE VIDEO JKSHKSAJHD i was cracking up more than half of the time. The way Ivan runs always sends me KJSHSAKJ Tbh I understand why people think it's dumb. i promise it gets better. the first season, in my opinion, isn't that great the second season has a progressing plot and story, the third season we see more change and character growth (honestly yay), and then comes season 4 hitting you like a bag of bricks. again not so dramatic and all that but VERY DAMN GOOOD considering the show. Honestly, if you actually make an effort (not that big of one) to pay attention to what happens you understand the show a lot more. it contains a deeper meaning to it. also, the foreshadowing in the show is A LOT. Also important to watch the episodes in order cause it'll make more sense that way Uh.. so yea, my big-ass essay was probably unnecessary. yes. BUT if you read it thank you ig. idk man it's one of those nights where I can't sleep so I thought "why not make a full-on essay in this youtube video!" yea, okay imma leave now.

    • Jackie

      @Unicorn Lover123 i know, thats what I was saying. in the end they still made it akids show but I would have loved to see it as an anime for teens

    • Unicorn Lover123
      Unicorn Lover123

      Miraculous Ladybug was originally aimed at teenagers, but due to lack of network traction, it was retooled for kids.

  • Valencia Towns
    Valencia Towns

    To me it’s my favorite thing but that’s my opinion

  • Jath arondaing.
    Jath arondaing.

    7:20 Glass breaks....

  • Gayle Shalom
    Gayle Shalom

    Alex Myers I have a question for you how long would a person survive just by eating their own hair that’s a joke get it OK bye

  • Gayle Shalom
    Gayle Shalom

    Alex Myers may you please do a video aboutThe show the our house and in Fibia I need you to do a review of both of the shows I need you to do a review of and Fibia and our house because the two great shows that everyone loves and everyone also hates people hate the showing love it and I don’t know why they live in heyday can you please figure it out there’s the two biggest shows on Disney Channel right now

  • Gayle Shalom
    Gayle Shalom

    Alex Myers I have a question for you who’s your favorite character in miraculous ladybug

  • Gayle Shalom
    Gayle Shalom

    Hi I love your channel it’s really funny and I love miraculous ladybug so much I watch it every day of my life and season four is coming out and there’s also special events where they go to China in new York and I can save it as a Disney show so every weekend there is a new episode out watch Marco sabers in Disney Channel it’s going to be the new season four episodes or the special events goodbye and I hope your day is filled with kindness

  • 1010moonwolf

    8:57 pppffft ok wasint this all of us🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

  • Rachel Allen
    Rachel Allen

    love the show

  • my pets
    my pets

    I get your point but don't call it dumb it's just not planned out correctly

  • Stephen Blair Hurst
    Stephen Blair Hurst

    There bairly even wearing masks and there both like gee I wonder who’s ladybug?

  • Sarvente


    • Ashley Lily
      Ashley Lily

      Chill my guy. What are you, new to the fandom?

    • Ashley Lily
      Ashley Lily

      As a fan since 2016, it's pretty dumb. But it's dumb to the point it's great and I keep watching it.

  • messed up potato
    messed up potato

    Ok, for those of you who don’t understand us... WE WATCH THE SHOW FOR THE SHIPS AND LOVE SQUARES AND SO WE CAN SEE MARINETTE AND ADRIEN GET TOGETHER!!!! We couldn’t give a crap about the superhero stuff and saving people that’s dumb.

    • Ashley Lily
      Ashley Lily

      Honestly I watch it for everything. I love gushing about the love square and other ships. But the lore and superhero aspect is amazing. So, chill my dude. You want more love square content watch edits and read fanfiction

  • PuppycatzPlayzGacha

    Miraculous ladybug is not dumb. It’s for kids to learn and it’s kid friendly. Without miraculous ladybug- we would all be giving up on our hopes and dreams -_-

    • Unicorn Lover123
      Unicorn Lover123

      Miraculous Ladybug was originally aimed at teenagers.

  • Anaiah Lyric
    Anaiah Lyric

    This show is dumb but i love it idk why But does anyone know if there are more then 5 seasons? And where to find the ljve movie

  • Bettie Burke
    Bettie Burke

    Why do you have to be hater to miraculous ladybug😡😡🤬🤬

  • Y/N L/N
    Y/N L/N

    The only reason I'm still watching the show is because of one thing: Chat Noir

  • Avani Sharma
    Avani Sharma

    Alex, 1 year ago: I will never react to that ladybug thing Alex, now: I am ✨Cinnamon✨ *fabulously slides down stripper pole*

  • Anjing Men
    Anjing Men

    wait... this is not the first episode...

  • Jonah Worst prank ever !! It’s a little bit funny
    Jonah Worst prank ever !! It’s a little bit funny

    It’s dumb but it has lower just because it’s not you it’s me and this video