My biggest problem with Wandavision
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

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    • maine

      you downgrading depression is such a petty thing to do

    • Ana Jorge Batista
      Ana Jorge Batista

      i didnt 😊

    • Protoman Zero
      Protoman Zero


    • Yuna Kaneko Lee
      Yuna Kaneko Lee

      @Protoman Zero lol yeah. It's outrageous how much he missed and dismissed thing that didn't seem related.

    • Protoman Zero
      Protoman Zero

      Wow, you are just really not a smart enough person to watch this show.

  • Abbykins

    If you don't like the super hero stuff um... it's marvel. Sooooo just dont watch it then you don't have to complain wow thats so cool huh it's amazing how that works

  • BasixLena

    There is like no movie or series that Alex likes.

  • simply one hell of a neko
    simply one hell of a neko

    My dog and I loved wandavision Pupper in the background: 😭 Whoops

  • preeti singh
    preeti singh

    Dark phoenix and wanda

  • {Pixel•Heart}

    i just wish they stuck with the whole old tv shows thing for a few more episodes cuz i was really enjoying it- srsly this is probably dumb to say but i dont watch marvel movies _just_ for the action so its kinda sad to me

  • Sogeking Simp
    Sogeking Simp

    Bruh, wandavision isn't that great of a show for literally everyone and their dead moms to come out here and hate on a guy on the internet that makes satire videos for fun. I mean wanda vision is definitely a good show, but it isn't a masterpiece sculptured by God even if Kevin faigy is an amazing director. Wait did he even do Wanda vision? Idk.

  • Jamison Lynch
    Jamison Lynch

    I don’t get why people are coming after this guy, he’s like this with every movie and show he watches. What’s any different with this video?

  • Ayesha Ashe
    Ayesha Ashe

    IDK I felt like a lot of the criticism was just there because a video was needed to be made or something because I didn't expect to watch a Marvel movie without expecting it to be about... well, Marvel superheroes? I do think the changing up of when the reveal happens would have made the series so much better, but I was surprised with 'oh lol SHE WAS JUST SAD THAT VISION DIED' not being a valid enough reason... Wanda literally loses everyone she cares for and who cared for her. Including Captn America, who is one of her closer friends in the Avengers... so she's all alone. I thought they did the grief thing well. I understand everyone has different preferences etc etc but it just felt like a weird thing to criticize. But definitely not sure why it was expected from a Marvel superhero series to not be... a Marvel superhero series? Meh doesn't really matter anyway since I'm commenting almost 4 months after this video's release lol

  • Shona Gupta
    Shona Gupta

    How is no one talking about the fact that Alex has a girlfriend now?! 5:09

  • Arina

    Wanda became an orphan at the age of 10 believing she’ll be blown to bits by the same people who killed her parents. Then her twin brother was killed, and then she had to kill her boyfriend to save the universe, _then_ watch him die in front of her, twice, now three times. She’s not just “sad”.

  • Enje Jawher
    Enje Jawher

    I’m just so glad that everyone here is defending WandaVision.

  • Arina

    So much more research should’ve been done for this video, his wilful ignorance just comes off as condescending and unfair. Especially when Alex completely reduces Wanda’s grief, trauma and pain into just “sad”. So disheartening.

  • katarina krnjevic
    katarina krnjevic

    This show was very disappointing , it made me realized that Elizabeth and Paul are not very good in there roles. They shouldn't bring back Jimmy and Darsy they very annoying before.

  • AliCoop

    If you've seen Loki you'd know Wanda is a Nexus being. She's so powerful that if her emotions go unchecked it would be catastrophic. She didn't intentionally enslave the town. Think of it like this, if the love of your life died you'd have meltdowns, but it would only affect you. But when Wanda has a meltdown- the same type that any normal human can have, she lets go of control with her power and all this raw energy is released, since she's a nexus being. If we did that we'd have, maybe, a whole in the wall, but if she does it she has an enslaved down or 100 broken robots all around her. All her longing and grief created this town and the next thing she knew is that the love of her life was back. I think the show is amazing because it's a new thing no one has ever seen for superheroes, or any genre for that matter, and it explores how grief can over power you. It also introduces nexus beings to the mcu and is just an all around great show that any one can watch and understand, no matter the limit to their knowledge.

  • mia18683

    I´m a Slav and Alex´s point about our miserable shows for kids (and adults for that matter) is absolutely spot on lol

  • Jaggythistle71 0
    Jaggythistle71 0

    That sock puppet bit was hilarious lol

  • ismael villalobos
    ismael villalobos

    People obviously do not get the art of satire and opinion, and this comment section is full of people who’s opinion differs from his satire lmao y’all it’s a fictional show about a fictional character come on now

  • Ruby. best bich
    Ruby. best bich

    Honestly. I like wandavision and love marvel. Wandavision did have plot holes tho

  • Please Hold
    Please Hold

    Episode eight literally made me cry.

  • laura

    Please boycott Nintendo they’re complicit with the Uyghur genocide

  • laura

    Please boycott Marvel, they’re owned by Disney who are complicit with the Uyghur genocide

  • Michelle Giacalone
    Michelle Giacalone

    If you want something different from Marvel, you have to do Loki. Trust me.

  • mike wheeler
    mike wheeler

    If u don’t understand wandavision idk what’s wrong with you

  • mike wheeler
    mike wheeler

    this account have a problem with everything lmfao

  • Alex Nason
    Alex Nason

    The publicities disguise the 5 stages of grief

  • Alencia

    "THEY WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU SACRIFICED" this line is the worst.....i like the show but this line gets on my nerves

  • Alencia

    That skit😂😂😂

  • john navin
    john navin

    My biggest problem with this guy's dumb review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Alencia

    Lol why are people so angry 😂😂

  • Alencia

    Loki loki loki do loki

  • BlazingLizard09

    Apparently Dr. Strange was supposed to make an appearance but the scene was cut. Initially the commercials were supposed to be messages from him to Wanda. She was trapped in her depression and grief, so created this alternate world. The commercials were hints to try to break through to her and bring her back into reality. The show will directly tie into Dr. Strange 2, and it is rumored Wanda will be the villain, as was hinted at in the final end credit scene.

  • The Makadray
    The Makadray

    It’s astounding how much you missed watching WandaVision. You’ve not picked up any of the subtext, the connections, the symbolism and the themes of grief, loss, trauma and guilt. Dude, do some research and then rewatch it.

  • Margarita Shumeykina
    Margarita Shumeykina

    Very poor quality video with lazy unfunny jokes. Wanda is "sad", yeah, lol. Alex's videos were fun once, but it was a long time ago. By the way, that stupid "parody" bit with "Soviet states children show" was actually really offensive, and it convinced me to never watch videos from this channel again.

  • wanda scarlet maximoff
    wanda scarlet maximoff

    Do loki

  • Leslie Gramajo
    Leslie Gramajo

    I think this is BY FAR Alex's most disliked video.

  • BrownSabbath

    All these Marvel fans taking some criticism as a personal attack, grow up you nerds! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Luka Krsmanovic
    Luka Krsmanovic

    ok u sound so ignorant u dont even know anything abt marvel comics and it shows.

  • A.J. Alvarado
    A.J. Alvarado

    We all grieve in our own way. I loved WandaVision.

  • Colin Flynn
    Colin Flynn

    Stop throwing NJ under the rug, it’s awesome

  • Idaho The Potato
    Idaho The Potato

    Did yoy even understand the series?!?!

  • Plasma George
    Plasma George


  • Big Nate
    Big Nate

    This show is definitely overrated af, it wasnt bad but it wasn't amazing either, it was just decent imo. I never really cared for wanda and visions relationship but then again I really don't care for love stories

  • Erico Anthony
    Erico Anthony

    I mean You guys are justifying slavery Yayy

  • dina p
    dina p

    What he and a lot of ppl fail to realize is that this- and other marvel movies-are adaptations of the comics with a twist. Agatha calling Wanda the scarlet witch was the first time wanda’s comic book name appeared in the mcu and Monica becoming photon or spectrum is basically setting up her own show or movies or maybe captain marvel 2

  • Nic UnHipNic
    Nic UnHipNic

    Alex, I'm afraid you've crossed a line hating on Marvel.

  • Tamara Gonzalez
    Tamara Gonzalez

    I’m looking at the thumbnail and I’m just waiting throughout the video to at least mention the kids but all we get is like one or two scenes 😐 but it’s still a good video

  • Red Yoshi
    Red Yoshi

    "All the same" Black panther and guardians of the galaxy are different

  • shadow1111111

    It's funny that you think that the show going "normal Marvel" happened too soon, cuz a lot of the internet saw the first 3 episodes and thought that Marvel finally jumped the shark by doing a quirky sitcom with no superhero action and thought the show wasn't good until ep 4. I, for one, enjoyed the show from start to finish. The parody/love letter to classic sitcoms, the mystery, the exploration of Wanda's grief, and the transition from Wanda as a Hydra experiment into the Scarlet Witch are all fantastic. WandaVision is hands down the best Marvel show on Disney+ BECAUSE of how different it is from everything else Marvel. It seems like once the show went "real world," you instantly checked out and decided that it was standard Marvel and let all the deeper stuff go unnoticed. It's just a fantastic narrative about the grief of someone who has lost literally everything.

  • Kawsher Ahmed
    Kawsher Ahmed

    She isn’t sad. She lost Vision, Her Parents, Her Brother, Wiccan And Speed, And she got dusted for 5 years. So don’t change the title. And seriously Alex you had to say “all the superhero movies are same”. Ok I guess an play boy philanthropist getting targeted, kidnapped turning into some iron dude is the same as An teenager from the 1920s getting injected getting frozen for 70 years coming back 100 years older, is same?. Wow and same as an high school 14-15 year old kid getting bit my an radioactive spider, becoming an web slinger? Wow just wow. My guy.

  • cozy melo.
    cozy melo.

    He just angered a whole entire fandom

  • cozy melo.
    cozy melo.

    Next thing you know hes gonna attack all MCU movies and literally will say “ (blank) is weird..” and “(blank) literally makes no sense”. I hate this man so much he rants about EVERY FRICKEN show and like half of the human population hates this man.

  • amy boakye
    amy boakye

    Alex's GF is a mood

  • Idefix

    The thing is, I had the basic "secret" figured out in the first few episodes, and I am sure I am not the only one. So, had they put it off til Episode 6 I'd just have been annoyed.

  • xcake

    Bro did you look up a summary on google or actually watch the movies lmfao

  • Anushka Jain
    Anushka Jain

    Just... No. This is your worst video and I'm saying this after seeing only the first 5 mins.

  • Mystical Keyblade
    Mystical Keyblade

    I’m still confused on how her fucking children are real if they were in the illusion world

  • Aaron James Ortega
    Aaron James Ortega

    Something tells me Alex never dealt with grief or trauma in his life. The argument of "people die all the time" or "I have family/friend who died but I never snapped" isn't really accurate especially if you NEVER have a deep or profound connection to those you lost. I understand if you can't relate (because you likely never have or will never have someone worth grieving) but that doesn't invalidate others to feel lost or emptiness.

  • deeznuts

    Remember kids every youtube critic is no smarter than anyone. Just a man with enough confidence to speak and upload it to internet. Cant believe he down graded grief, depression, loss of people you love like vision, captain america, blackwidow, her goddamn brother, her goddamn parents, her being iscolated by the goddamn military experimenting on her to just "just sad"

  • PM Sn1ps
    PM Sn1ps

    The funny thing about this is that after me and my parents watch an episode they would make me watch an episode of dinosaurs

  • WalkingBearDude Apicella
    WalkingBearDude Apicella

    The show had promise, but a shitty ending and a shitty tie up…..

  • Feignedpuppy 4
    Feignedpuppy 4

    So I didn't dislike the show but I thought it could've been better Like for example I agree with him on the part that I think the reveal could've been held off a couple episodes more cause I really enjoyed when the show got surreal I mean I also did like seeing the stuff going on outside but it made me lose a little interest in the sitcom bits This show did make me cry a couple times and I thought some of the jokes were funny but it could've been more I've been a fan of the mcu for as long as I can remember plus I'm watching the new loki show but these shows seem like they have a lot of potential but something is missing They aren't bad, I can understand why people like them, and I enjoy them as well, but they have room to improve

  • TheGamingSisterClan YT
    TheGamingSisterClan YT

    Literally no show can please you can it

  • FruittyXD

    ok some shows from the soviet union were like that but here were also really good animated ones too

  • Cloudy pillow
    Cloudy pillow

    I looked at a lot of hate comments and there's barely good comments he's spreading his opinion so stop hating😡

  • Journey Huff
    Journey Huff

    If I have to read "Wanda wasnt JUST sad" one more time I'm going to barf. Its fiction, it's his opinion, get over it. He isn't attacking your personal traumas. Why do y'all care so much bout fake, scripted, movie feelings? Grow up.

  • Alex’s Brick yard
    Alex’s Brick yard

    I give this show a hostage town out of ten

  • afterthought

    She’s not sad but depressed, yes. But what she did was wrong and evil.

  • Doggoperson626

    My biggest question is: does Spaghetti man turn people into cooked pasta or the snappy hard lines?

  • carlos reyes
    carlos reyes

    Why is everyone so mad 🤨

  • Gabrielle Hopkins
    Gabrielle Hopkins

    You don’t get it🙃

  • Maria Cham
    Maria Cham

    All of the opinions in this video are a HOT take, but really if you've seen all of the movies HOW did you get to the conclusion that Wanda is just sad?


    Who thinks it’s funny they mispronounce Lagos

  • fratboyharrysgf

    i didn’t enjoy Wanda vision

  • Evelyn Martin
    Evelyn Martin

    OK so I know it’s kinda bad to take a whole entire town hostage but I think Wanda only had vision left because her parents died then her brother died and then vision died.

    • Jessica Lukram
      Jessica Lukram

      That's why she is a villian

  • 0CallieStar0

    I agree with Alex that Wandavision is a bit overrated, but for completely different reasons. I don’t know why he chose to criticize the Wanda storyline so much because I thought that was the best part of the show lol. Her journey in healing after Vision’s death was a great exploration of her character and got me emotionally invested in the show, and I loved how all of it was explored in the creative sitcom format. This gave the show a really strong start, but it kind of fizzled out by the end in my opinion. Agatha was very fun to watch but a pretty boring antagonist writing wise, and her conflict with Wanda was nowhere near as engaging as Wanda’s conflict with her own grief. I think if Agatha was played by anyone besides Kathryn Hahn, no one would remember her at this point lol. I think the show should have focused on a Wanda vs herself/her grief kind of conflict, and instead of battling Agatha at the end she could have battled Vision as he tried to convince her to free the people from the hex and heal from her pain. That would have been much more creative and emotionally engaging than the messy CGI battle we ended up with. Also, the SWORD storyline was pretty average and a lot weaker than the sitcom storyline in my opinion. Hayward was a really boring antagonist with only the tiniest bit of depth, and Monica’s journey felt too rushed to have a true impact. Overall, I think Wandavision was a bit overhyped and I agree with Alex that it isn’t a masterpiece, although his criticisms are completely different from my own. Still it was a strong start to the MCU’s TV lineup and I think it’s going strong to this day with Loki which has been my personal favorite of the shows so far.

  • Sand Sand
    Sand Sand

    You should watch Luke cage

  • Griffdoggydoggg

    Soooooooo are you gonna watch Falcon and the winter Soldier and Loki or what bro??

  • Caleb The Awesome Gamer
    Caleb The Awesome Gamer

    0:36 you should have said You’ll probably find yourself using the same sponser for most videos

  • JustL

    Wanda lost both her parents at 10, lived in a poor country which she also lost along with her brother later on, she watched her husband die twice, was turned to dust for five years just to come back have to fight in a big battle, not get to give him a proper send off, lost her kids later in the series AND had to visit the house in which they planned on growing old in. Furthermore She didn’t create the hex 100% on purpose and was betrayed by Agatha. The commercials show significance to her past+ present and show her mental health decline. Everything is there for a reason and is good at doing that. There has also been stuff abt wandas backstory hinted at in previous marvel movies. I mean in all honesty it just depends how carefully you study the marvel movies because everything is connected.

  • Ali Gaming
    Ali Gaming

    Can you please stop hating on everything? Thanks


    Wanda was severely traumatized. I think she acted pretty "normal" for someone in her circumstances with her powers. She reacted to trauma in a way that not many superheroes do - which is good because they tend to just brush off their trauma like it's a little scar that doesn't matter.

  • Hi

    Alex: Well the town’s in New Jersey so who cares Me from New Jersey: It’s just a show it’s just a random person it’s fine

  • Isabel Uchôa
    Isabel Uchôa

    As a marvel fan, I'm low-key offended by this

  • Tess Hawkins
    Tess Hawkins

    Yeah I couldn't agree more. Even being into superhero stuff myself, I was pretty ready for something new too and Wanda seemed so cool and unique. Buuut then the Shield stuff is just "oh here's the no nonsense chick who believes in Wanda despite everything, and here's the smart quirky girl, and here's the stupid boss who doesn't listen to the underdog workers and needs to be stopped." It just was soooo bland and and the same stuff we've seen a billion times. With the Wanda stuff I do think it had more to do with mental illness than just being sad, but that the show never really went full "Wanda this is messed up you're secretly the bad guy" or "Wanda is hurting and needs help." Instead it just ended with her... leaving.? No one helps her at the end and she doesn't get any punishment for what she got put through so it didn't really give any message on mental health- she just kinda decided that "oops my bad I'll fix it and get out of everyone's hair." It had the potential to be something super meaningful and really dive into grieve and pain but then it just ends with a dumb magic fight and her flying off to start like, four spin off shows.

  • Vakim K
    Vakim K

    Thor lost his planet and all his family members and he never buried anyone of them except his mom I think but he never snapped. So what Wanda did was kinda of a puny response considering she is powerful superhero.

  • LaylaVlogs


  • I Am awesome
    I Am awesome

    Have you tried doing a video on a tv show right after you watched the entire season?

  • iSwiftyFox

    This show wouldve been better if Wanda was the villian and the people were trying to stop her, but in her point of view she saw them as the villians and caused more mayhem.

    • Jessica Lukram
      Jessica Lukram

      Wanda is a villian

  • Javonte Brown
    Javonte Brown

    You make the same video over and over and you talk about Marvel

  • chanel henderson
    chanel henderson

    WandaVision is a great take on grief.I thought Wanda's grief was utterly heartbreaking it goes way beyond sadness. Watch The Babadook or Lars Von Triers Depression Trilogy. You should definitely check out the Heavy Spoilers show. A lot of people did feel the same way you did that it turned into another Marvel movie

  • Lwazi Nhlapo
    Lwazi Nhlapo

    If ur like me, Well that's rough

  • doggiememe096

    And I thought madara was the one who casted the infinite tsukiyomi

  • Shankhajit Das
    Shankhajit Das

    Guys just watch this video in silent mode....this guy just uses the same animation...the entire lame

  • Isaac

    The only thing I ever saw of the show was one of the later episodes and I just said "something about a circus"

  • Emperor DxD
    Emperor DxD

    The fact is this is the house of m comic where she creates a world with out mutants

  • Brian James
    Brian James

    Brace yourselves, the Marvel fanbois are here to tell you how wrong your jokes are about their fictional universe. *sigh*

  • Xene Dvalin
    Xene Dvalin

    You jerk. You just stabbed every MCU fan in the heart. Why you gotta do this? Avengers Endgame and Avengers Infinity War weren't that stupid premise. So wasn't Spider-Man Far From Home. The story took place in Venice so there wasn't any New York City.

    • William Pell
      William Pell

      as an mcu fan. it ain’t that deep bro it’s jus an opinion

  • African princess
    African princess

    I honestly just luv u lol

  • deadpoolgg2.0

    every MCU movie almost fills the same, because they all take please in the same universe dumb A$$, if you think about MCU movies like Spider-Man, Ant-Man, and Black Panther there not like other MCU probably never seen the X-Men films that are not part of the "Marvel Cinematic Universe"