Riverdale is already a mess again...
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  • Waffle 316
    Waffle 316

    Season 6 might just be about Cheryl getting a eye lash in her eye

  • Boro Stepanovic
    Boro Stepanovic

    Did archie ever win a bixing match? I think im remembering that he lost every match he fought 😅😅

  • Idongesit Usen
    Idongesit Usen

    You know I wouldn't be surprised if they did a time skip next season; maybe do the marriage storylines. Makes more sense than anything else so far.

  • BMoney8600

    My name is Brett I guess I’m a scumbag

  • Maile Silva
    Maile Silva

    Where did u find season 5?

  • srivatsan prabagaran
    srivatsan prabagaran

    I remember how good riverdale s1 was, I binged the whole season. S2 I skipped scenes and episodes. S3 didn't complete. 4& 5 not even interested. I'm just here for the roast.

  • Larissa Jenkins
    Larissa Jenkins

    Alex their coming out with a sixth season 😐 idk how-

  • Anna Pan
    Anna Pan

    FP is too hot to be in this lol

  • Anna Pan
    Anna Pan

    This is so stupid I can’t stop laughing Should we be scared of this or what lol

  • Reminder Shit
    Reminder Shit

    Then riverdale is run by 1 sheriff and no fire station 😂. Where is the mayor? Who is the mayor? This tv show is fucked up

  • Paul Korpet
    Paul Korpet

    I learned more from watching Alex's videos than actually watching Riverdale

  • Tt Tt
    Tt Tt

    Stop trying to make reading appealing! It's boring!

  • Rada


  • brt Mari
    brt Mari

    I don’t get why they just end this series or the cw pulled the axe there are way better shows to watch in that network

  • Phantasm Star
    Phantasm Star

    season one is canon. everything else is filler that basically it

  • Angela Hamilton
    Angela Hamilton

    “I always thought Jughead would be the little spoon” HAD ME ROLLING

  • Rebbi

    Riverdale feels like a person with ADHD sat down to write a story, but ran out of adderall and decided to substitute with crystal meth...

  • Dennis Gabianu
    Dennis Gabianu

    2:22 is so sus Alex

  • Taryn Cole
    Taryn Cole

    Kao Kelly and Katie Keene. Good grief.

  • CJ_dressur

    I gave up at like the 3rd episode of season 5 so I didn’t know the two jerks from stonewall were murdered👁👄👁 well thank you, now I don’t have to watch the rest😁

  • Hi Koie
    Hi Koie

    remember when musician wanted to be an archie? me neither

  • CJ_dressur

    I like the first 4 seasons, but the fifth one is just pure crap

  • Erica S
    Erica S

    Is that Zane Holtz? Man, I saw you in From Dusk Till Dawn. What are you doing in Riverdale of all shows? *Sigh* How the mighty have fallen. I'm not even going to talk about the haircut.

  • Benjii Colmarez
    Benjii Colmarez

    "Not really but whatever"

  • Tslee

    At this point cancel the fucking show It’s confusing and pointless Even the directors don’t know wtf they are making How do u make a LGBTQ/teen show and don’t know wtf y’all filming or going for in the new seasons 💀

  • Aiden Hallowell
    Aiden Hallowell

    Riverdale could literally go in any direction at this point and it wouldn't be weird. I mean one scene with Cheryl, her mom and nana doing a demon witch praying to create strong winds is pointing in the C.A.O.S direction and I'm like I'm not surprised this show could do a 360 spin and land on a dragon and it would just fall in the place perfectly in the Riverdale plot because IT'S RIVERDALE

  • Kakke

    Who even watches this show today? i quit a long time ago cw programs always go bad after the first season.

  • Arlette Parker
    Arlette Parker

    Watch miraculous ladybug

  • A Concerned Commissar
    A Concerned Commissar

    Riverdale is just a anime at this point

  • Mr. Sophistication
    Mr. Sophistication

    Hm, I wonder where they got the name Kale Kelly from *Walker cast flashback*

  • Beril Eren
    Beril Eren

    I am not watching this season and not gonna but im watching Alex’s videos lol By the way i watched the other seasons and i dont know how i beared

  • Benny Feig
    Benny Feig

    They still make this show?

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    I am so sorry you had to actually watch this debacle. I won't and never will. Glad you suffered for me

  • AgustRM

    Ppl that actually understand the plot... how? How? I watched season 1 and stopped there. I can't even explain what that even was.

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan

    im actually really enjoying season 5, just suspending any sense of reason and watching the mayhem unfold

  • I love Barry Lewis My name Jeff
    I love Barry Lewis My name Jeff

    The VHS reveal - Awful The Mr Honey thing was so weird - he was presented as a kind of good guy in the end....but was shown buying/trying to buy snuff films from that shop...so yeah not a good fella. Show is so fucking bipolar about characters

  • Cody McCollum
    Cody McCollum

    Wait wait wait. Let me get this straight. Chic was never bettys real brother BUT he somehow knew her and her mom at first glance AND that Charles was given up to the sisters and bettys address. Then he tells them he was actually roommates with Charles and they were actually a couple. And that Charles already came to bettys mom once when he was 18 and she rejected him and he went on a bender and OD on jingle jangle and somehow bettys mom didn’t realize chic doesn’t look like Charles even if he’s not 18 anymore. Then he says oh wait Nevermind I actually killed Charles. We had a bad fight and I lost control. THEN Charles ends up being an FBI agent who ropes Betty and her mom into his freelance work and somehow chic is never brought up to his face and when asked chic claims the fight still happened but this time it was Charles who lost control, then it’s revealed that Charles and chic are still dating so how long has that been going on. By this point I’m doubting he’s really bettys brother. BUT now it’s revealed he killed people and bugged bettys phone but it’s shrugged aside by Betty and jughead because he wasn’t the one making the video tapes?! And now they’re just gonna jump ahead 7 years and not resolve any of this chic and Charles stuff?!

  • Thatcher Winokur
    Thatcher Winokur

    season 1 was good, season 2 was decent, season 3 was bad and complicated, season 4 was even worse and even more complicated, and I'm not even gonna watch season 5. which is sad because i actually liked the characters and plot in season 1, this show could have been great but the plot go to complicated. fandom cant even keep track of this shit.

  • Marilou Lévesque
    Marilou Lévesque

    Please tell me the last episode ever will just be Jughead waking up and being like “Oh, so this was all a dream!” And we’ll be like: “THANK GOD!”

    • Thatcher Winokur
      Thatcher Winokur

      and then it parrarels into his real life and riverdale starts all over with a diffrent plot and then we all cry because riverdale is back

  • ShaddyShadShadow


  • phanfinger

    The writers are obviously being held hostage and are doing their best to get their show cancelled.

  • Anonymus X
    Anonymus X

    People at this point: "I don't even remember what the original plot was." Me: Some subtexts of pubescent Twincest and Eugenics. Twin brother supposedly dies in a river, in spite being known as a good diver. The Hero have sex with an adult teacher. Veronica is hot. Betty is too good to be true and also stalks the Hero. Kevin is a stereotype but not in a harmful way yet. The Blossoms might have both Gypsy and witchblood. Cheryl is heavily hinted as being a witch, then Archie as some sort of Christ-wannabe like figure that makes stick the moral compass of the town together. The twin brother is really found dead. Mystery, crime, sex, abs and lot of booties. Cheryl is not slimthicc and bottom heavy yet. Cheesy teen dramas stereotypes getting deconstructed and every generation watching this show because it was geniunely good. The murderer gets found. More mysteries. Then season 2 appeared...

  • Changing Mind
    Changing Mind

    As someone who has never seen an episode of Riverdale, this is almost as entertaining as it is confusing.

  • Nahuel

    9:22 Betty mentioned many times she has a 4.1 GPA.

  • Fia Ko
    Fia Ko

    Alright. I have only watched this series until season 2. and now I’m asking myself if it is even still the same series?!

  • Daniel Bautista
    Daniel Bautista

    In the words of Peter Griffin “WHAT THE FUCK?!”

  • Bella Grace
    Bella Grace

    it’s the 5:45 for me 😂✨

  • Emma Conner
    Emma Conner

    never mind I didn't.

  • Tamina Pitrelli
    Tamina Pitrelli

    3:18 imagine being with a guy in bed and when he pulls out his thing he's like "I'm bigger than I look"

  • Lola Garbini
    Lola Garbini

    They freaking came up with supernatural stuff. LIKE WHAT?

  • Eli Wise
    Eli Wise

    I stopped watching after the middle of season 1 but I have faithfully watched Alex's videos on the show😂

    • Neo-Xgray87

      Sorry to hear that.

  • Jannis Maden
    Jannis Maden

    this show got harder and harder to watch... i tried watching the first episode of season ummm.. 5? like 3 times and i finally just gave up

  • Aiden Jones
    Aiden Jones

    do no good nick

  • Becca Santone
    Becca Santone


  • Carmen Whitaker
    Carmen Whitaker

    Archie wouldn’t survive in the navy. My dad was a navy man, and the military in general requires discipline and, you know, following orders. As well all know Archie has neither discipline or the ability to follow orders. Same with the army. He’s just not cut out for it. His ability to take orders is literally zero

  • Gemma Matthews
    Gemma Matthews

    Could you do Lemony Snicket’s a series of unfortunate events movie

    • Gemma Matthews
      Gemma Matthews

      @Neo-Xgray87 the movie

    • Neo-Xgray87

      Which version?

  • Jessy Nakamura
    Jessy Nakamura

    hahahahahahahaha I love it lmao and the I SHAVED FOR THIS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

  • akhilesh

    i think if they killed the show at ep 3 it would be good

  • Himali Kamat
    Himali Kamat

    It's like they act like teenagers with teenagers problem but in adult bodies

  • Himali Kamat
    Himali Kamat

    Betty crushing on Archie...rejects her....dates Veronica....cheats on her with Betty......Archie tells Veronica ...Veronica breaks up with him....Betty tells jughead...they sleep together...jughead and betty grow apart....7 yrs later they meet up....now Veronica's married...Archie is single...betty and Archie hook up...jughead is barely involved with em....Archie and betty give up and now are just frnds....Veronica is divorced and hooks up with Archie.....that's it you'll......

  • Himali Kamat
    Himali Kamat

    Ans why is the mystery so weird


    This show has had the craziest development I’ve ever seen

  • ars10001

    i only watched the first season. i watched this video like:🤔😨🤨

  • Gemma Matthews
    Gemma Matthews

    Do into the woods

  • Dr Shyho
    Dr Shyho

    3:56 LOL

  • Ava

    It honestly seems like the writers are messing with us

  • kiera tasheera
    kiera tasheera

    5:43 Is it just me or is Jughead's hand between Betty's legs???

  • alpha cyclops
    alpha cyclops

    Season one: barley tolerable Season two: garbage but very fresh garbage Season three: just no.... Season four: milk left in your room for a week Season five: just as bad as season four Season six: has no right existing Overall:it started ok, but with a crappy script and crummy acting,started off with a believable plot but then just got dumb

  • Lauras Chronicles
    Lauras Chronicles

    "so maybe hiram is probably msotly out of the show by now on" ehmm.....sure

  • Claire de Luna
    Claire de Luna

    I'm a simple human, I see a video of Alex explaining Riverdale's "plot", I click

  • mangarox134

    Why just why

  • Monkey Turner
    Monkey Turner

    Ya know there are 2 different types of animation HRposts videos that I have seen, The odd ones out format and something original, I would say this channel falls under the original category.

  • Suleyman Turgut
    Suleyman Turgut

    Can you make fun of Hamilton

  • Subomi Oke
    Subomi Oke

    Please react to power rangers Mr Alex Meyers

  • Hannah C
    Hannah C

    Ew, why Ohio 😐✋ I live in Ohio tho 😀

  • Moist Mail Man
    Moist Mail Man

    The writers have absolutely no idea what they want Archie to do with his life, I swear.

    • NJGuy1973

      Archie will clone himself. One will be a local superhero, another will be a football coach...

  • Jugheads _Bennie
    Jugheads _Bennie

    Riverdale season 6: Jason Blossom is alive

  • 3JR060 Geethika Koganti
    3JR060 Geethika Koganti

    Can you do a supernatural video

  • Frank Emille
    Frank Emille



    I 100% bet this at the end of this show it will be the old characters telling this as a bedtime story for their grandchildren

  • Abhiram Gudimella
    Abhiram Gudimella

    this is how i watch riverdale now

  • Pebbles Windy
    Pebbles Windy

    My mom watches this show.. I thought it ended here... 😅

  • H

    At this point the vampire diaries is more realistic than this

  • Lucius The Killer
    Lucius The Killer

    Do these kids even know what a snuff film is? My guess is no

  • best buddy
    best buddy

    why do they use such stupid names bruh you can't expect me to be srs while watching it if the guy's nickname is Jughead ima laugh my asz off every time someone says it

  • yakshitha punati
    yakshitha punati

    why do everyone kill everyone so easily LOL

  • RingoAlFahker

    I honestly love how there was the time jump

  • RingoAlFahker


  • Le Pie
    Le Pie

    I’m ashamed that I recognized Ko Kelly’s name from Katy Keene. I don’t even watch these shows, I just watched Alex’s videos

  • coolio_ faith
    coolio_ faith

    please i remember when riverdale was called "archie" and the biggest conflict was betty and veronica fighting for archies love-

  • Dexie Pegarro
    Dexie Pegarro

    No one: Alex talking about Riverdale 21 times

  • Schoolgirl325

    I haven’t seen Riverdale, but from everything I’ve read and heard about it, it became a very confusing and disappointing teen soap opera driven by cheaply shocking twists in the plot versus character. It sounds like why I lost interest in the writing on Once Upon a Time, Charmed, and Shameless (U.S) after S3-S4. The writers got too concerned with creating twists and drama for the sake of drama, even if it meant destroying their characters, relationships, and narrative credibility, consistency, complexity, development, organic growth, integrity, and relatability for the sake of creating it.

  • Rylee Black
    Rylee Black

    its crazy that they already renewed for season 6

  • TBuckley 20
    TBuckley 20

    What if Archie just died with his dad in season 2 and this is his eternal punishment

  • Om Dubhashi
    Om Dubhashi

    He should make merch saying but before that really quick 🤪🤪🤣🤣😂😂

  • all_uf

    soooo... Archie is sad that he can`t graduate with his freinds but talking to Hiram like their freinds but hiram was the one why archie cant go to college

    • belmiro

      Riverdale makes no fucking sense anymore lmao😂

  • Kendeula

    I honestly think they should raise the age rating for people who can watch this show it honestly shouldnt be a 14 +.

  • LL VG
    LL VG

    How about Riverdont

  • Charty-BFT Ramsteinhigh16
    Charty-BFT Ramsteinhigh16

    Who ever the writers are for Riverdale are horrible story tellers

  • Takethatbacklayoreo

    I read the comics when I was a kid. They were enjoyable. This show just ruins it.