Shadow and Bone is pretty great...
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To All The Boys 3 is kinda dumb

I dont even know what Riverdale is anymore...

Ginny and Georgia is pretty dumb

Suite Life on Deck was such a weird show...

why is Riverdale?

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  • Nicole Estrella
    Nicole Estrella

    I just watched this earlier today and I really enjoyed it hahhaha

  • Arushi Brahma
    Arushi Brahma

    Omg he likes it??

  • L

    10:15 turn on subtitles I'm dying

  • Wolf Bane
    Wolf Bane

    In the book Alina was absolutely terrified to go into the fall because she had a bad feeling that something would happen. And she was right on the money she was so terrified that she wouldn't even get on the ship it took Mal to reassure her that everything was fine. She was so God damn terrified of the fold in fact that she was almost willing to shoot her own foot and the foot of male to keep him from going too she didn't burn the maps and just quickly volunteered to get on to the sand skiff she was absolutely terrified and she wanted to get far away from the fold as possible

  • The Pen Mage
    The Pen Mage

    Read the books, please, I beg!

  • Liri Quack
    Liri Quack

    Netflix AND Audible in ONE VIDEO??? Our boy's getting that SWEET SWEET CASH MONEYYYY

  • Samuel S _사무엘 에스
    Samuel S _사무엘 에스

    This sounds dull as shit 😂

  • sctvfan1313

    I'm only 5 episodes in...and still like it.....

  • Maria12 11Mari
    Maria12 11Mari

    The way you ignored the crows😭 And why would you run from Zoya, she can literally do anything to me🛐

  • Gayest Milk
    Gayest Milk


  • ericagrxce

    the show is good… but the books r so much better, especially six of crows

  • Muborak Rustamova
    Muborak Rustamova

    Do the rest of the show too , interesting stuff is coming

  • Natalie


  • carmina music
    carmina music

    it has ya fiction cheesiness because it is ya fiction lol

  • carmina music
    carmina music

    the first series where netflix actually read the books

  • AS - 09ZZ 785570 Mississauga SS
    AS - 09ZZ 785570 Mississauga SS

    every1 be raisin their hands

  • Bogs Zadronski
    Bogs Zadronski

    Why does every single show that Netflix makes have to be so woke?

  • Aluma Dan
    Aluma Dan

    I actually didn't notice that Alina was a different race than everyone at first until they brought it up....

    • carmina music
      carmina music


  • 22_Zeo

    If this gets canceled before genya can tell the king “I am not ruined I am ruination” I’m gonna go up to the Netflix headquarters and probably get arrested for fighting someone

    • carmina music
      carmina music


  • Seksikäs Rotta
    Seksikäs Rotta

    Good show, haven't finished yet tho. But inej gives me gay af vibes

  • KiraKimiko ,
    KiraKimiko ,

    How bout a reaction for "The Irregulars" ._.

  • KiraKimiko ,
    KiraKimiko ,

    I absolutely loved the show and the book adaptation is amazing

  • kanejbrekkdown

    If i dont see my bb wylan in season 2 i'll riot

  • stan txt !!
    stan txt !!

    The crows are actually the one that keeps me from watching the show(which i thought is boring, confusing and cliche) And now im reading six of crows 🧍‍♀️

  • Yara Malik
    Yara Malik

    I just read the book like a month a photo and I pretty sure half the plot was switched

  • Katerina petrova
    Katerina petrova

    The show is good but it was nothing extraordinary. I have read both shadow and bones book and six of crows to get an idea about the characters before starting the show. They actually cut some good scenes and dialogues from S&B. Except for ben barnes playing darkling and making Mal tolerable I would not give any credits to the script writers. If you are impressed with the six of crow characters then I would say this is very half-assed version of the crows because the actual six of crows is far superior than the S&B trilogy and the show. The fact that they are written by the same author is unimaginable. If you get to read the books you will know what I mean. I understand why they introduced them now but I wished they would have introduced them properly. The actors did a pretty good job but did not quite hit the mark because of the script.

  • A Hassler
    A Hassler

    Netflix cancels all the good shows. RIP MST3K

  • Jerie Kae
    Jerie Kae

    I absolutely love the show. I hate that I’ve slept on it for a month because I thought they didn’t make good YA shows/books anymore huhu

  • jake

    They literally bullied the girl for being asian 🥴🥴

  • Wrongstar

    'Can't keep best friends apart for too long! Best friends, of course, being our relationship with one another.' Cool writing Shadow & Bone.

  • idk ._.
    idk ._.

    Wow you actually like something

  • IGotChu Gurll
    IGotChu Gurll

    I have the books!!!!!😆

  • jLachelle3

    I like the show, but everything happened in a span of 8 episodes. Her training took like one episode lol. Also, they were building this chemistry between her and the general, only for it to fizzle out real quickly. The chemistry she has with him is more interesting/ stronger in my opinion then with the second male lead Mal, I wish they would have kept their relationship going a little longer. The Alina can sometimes be annoying, and her relationship with Mal is a bore, but overall I like the show

  • stunna uchiha
    stunna uchiha

    So she burned the maps putting live in danger for her best friend she literally put herself above he whole group lmao u is nobody talking bout this

  • Audry Smith
    Audry Smith

    It was such a dead show, it’s got recycled storylines, nothing new or interesting. The subplots were more interesting then the main plot.

  • LaylaVlogs

    they are making a season 2 super excited!!! you should do a video on it when there's more info and stuff. also ya gotta read the books first

  • J U L I E T T E
    J U L I E T T E

    Amazing show, look forward to season 2

  • rak wraithraiser
    rak wraithraiser

    I got to watch this now when Alex says it's good then you know it's good

  • The picky reader
    The picky reader

    the casting for inej makes me wanna cry though.. SHE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE INEJ

  • Lost_Girl_in_Bookland

    Team Darklina. Mal is a soggy loaf of bread. lol

  • Cherryblossom ink
    Cherryblossom ink

    It doesn’t matter what gender groups u hang out with they are always mean there never is any real niceness 😌

  • Fatima Klobocista
    Fatima Klobocista

    where are all my readers at

  • Tomato Zest
    Tomato Zest

    hhh the casting for jesper was literally perfect

  • Cheerful Satanist
    Cheerful Satanist

    Filet that mignon? "Chart HIS lines!" Was right there...come on alex

  • ZahraAnimations

    Watch family reunion'

  • Pallika Vaid
    Pallika Vaid

    Wow you actually like a show

  • Jennifer Iyke
    Jennifer Iyke

    Can you please review "The Promised Neverland"

  • Ana Farias
    Ana Farias

    *wee wee i was friendzone in highschool girls suck*

  • Pragna N
    Pragna N

    i watched the show and it was so bad

  • ewa

    May I just say that I hate Darkling with beard

  • African princess
    African princess

    Everything Alex says is relatable

  • Keerthan K
    Keerthan K

    Make a video of the walking dead man

  • CaidenPower

    I’m going to check this show out it actually looks good. Netflix needs to pay you tho cause I’ve watched all their shows/movies you’ve done videos on, except the kissing booth. I wasn’t going to torture myself

  • André Lima
    André Lima

    the crows are the best thing :)

  • LeoSierra13

    It begins at 1:50

  • Bloodysugar

    Watched it after having seen this review, well... there's lot of significant but very few signified, which means superficial. It is balanced though : it's equally as good looking as hollow. It's not bad though, it's well done, well played (mostly), it has a visual identity, but it's dumb, and so very predictable.

  • Emely Herrera
    Emely Herrera

    My favorite show.

  • Trenyx Angelica
    Trenyx Angelica

    Alex: it's pretty good Me: Alright people THINK IS NOT A DRILL !!!!!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL !!!!! Get ready ladies and gentlemen this right here is about to be a FREAKING MASTERPIECE of a show!!!!!!!!

  • Ricky

    Why don't they just make a tunnel underneath the fold?

  • khaled bashir
    khaled bashir

    Am really interested in the story of Mathias and nina

  • Holly

    Team darklina I said wot I said

  • Ta M.
    Ta M.

    Spoiler alert :That bussiness man actually rape Alina and dominate her and that why I stopped read original book ..heh..

  • Candied Skull
    Candied Skull

    I can just imagine these actors just kinda, "Ah, I saw what you did.... hi." Side note, though I know nothing about Alex's interaction with the dude from iZombie, I just gotta say the cast on that show seems pretty fun (there's a bunch of clips of them all just hanging out, joking and singing. Really fun to watch).

  • Tresy X
    Tresy X

    I keep noticing with these tv shows is that they keep making there black male characters gay or bi, whats up with that?

    • stan txt !!
      stan txt !!

      @Tresy X black. I get your point i noticed it too.

    • Tresy X
      Tresy X

      @stan txt !! not the point is he black or white in the books?

    • stan txt !!
      stan txt !!

      Well jesper's bi in the books so i dont really think it's netflix's fault.

    • Doofus

      I have no idea.

  • V Cat
    V Cat

    two children growing up together = brother and sister relationship = DO NOT SHIP

  • EmmyAsmr

    We will see Nikolai soon 😩😩 I am too excited

  • Silas Nilsson
    Silas Nilsson

    The bits with Alina and Mal felt really annoyingly stereotypical ya, but the parts with the crows was awesome, Mr Jesper Fahey is even better in live action and Kaz is more intriguing without the internal perspective.

  • 19Biohazard88

    Compared to the books, this show was so woke and political.

  • HelloItsYou


  • ChaosKiwi

    What’s that half-assed comparison netflix made about shadow and bone in the beginning? Harry potter barely fits the bill but hunger games? Really?

  • No

    H o w f a s t d o y o u t a l k Is Daphne And Velma That Garbage?

  • oh_my_gosh_elena 17
    oh_my_gosh_elena 17

    Ok jeez so defensive

  • Low Quality Levi
    Low Quality Levi

    "yugi-you shadow realm" -alex meyers

  • Katherine Lott
    Katherine Lott

    I accidentally binged this on 1.5x speed yesterday. Actually suspenseful, funny, and interesting. Was fully expecting it to be people standing around in period pieces, dramatically telling each other their backstories. Instead, I've got three different stories interweaving, intertwining and colliding. Roman Torchwick is in this, too. So, that sold me. Holy shit! And any bodice-ripper bad boy and jealous, clingy good boy characteristics from the book were scrubbed clean until you had a villain who asks for consent and a good boy who shows genuine support to the heroine. Holy shit! You even have actually interesting politics, with a world where it's understandable how and why the wizards are persecuted and the villain has a point in not trusting normal humans. Holy shit?! He's not just a mage supremacist who's just foaming-at-the-mouth racist?! AND, get this, a heroine who has an informed opinion on the politics of her world because she's dealt with racism and classism her whole life, so when magical discrimination is thrown on that, she's able to say with conviction that being persecuted doesn't give you a free pass to show your ass. HOLY SHIT!!!! I only slept 3 hours last night, but it was worth it.

  • The Othentic
    The Othentic

    I love the show! Really enjoyed it. Mal, Alina and the Darkling have a great trio going on. The crows are doing their thing. Yeah, I’m a fan.

  • Barbee Le
    Barbee Le

    the only reason im a little disappointed is because i absolutely love the books and don’t think the show did it justice

  • The jack of all Dans
    The jack of all Dans

    Spoiler with this comment!!! Honestly really enjoying it so far, but I can't stand Alina, shes constantly making selfish idiotic decisions that affects others, or you know if she had gotten tested as a kid, then the fold probably would have been dealt with or what ever is gonna happen with long before the show takes place...she hates the fold and wants it gone but refuses to learn to work on her wtf...

  • An Aavash
    An Aavash

    I haven’t read the books but I don’t read YA in general and I gotta say the storyline with Kaz and his Crow Crew were so much interesting than Alina Sun Summoner storyline lol. I also enjoyed Nina and Matthias storyline so much.

  • Tane Pukenga
    Tane Pukenga

    "Shadow and BONE!" I actually lol'd for once, not just blew an unusual amount of air through my nose.

  • Isamic

    Am I the only person who read the books and doesn’t like the show...? I feel like a lot of scenes were watered down and rushed

  • Bistivia

    You should do bridge to Terabithia next

  • Kris Shine
    Kris Shine

    what about the crows???

  • Anshita Pandey
    Anshita Pandey

    this show is extremly awesome coz its not about creepy teenager drama the character which make this more attractive is milo my fav 😆

  • Rachael Gardner
    Rachael Gardner

    I actually didn’t like the show it’s not really my style mainly because I felt like romance wasn’t necessary in the story and I don’t know for me it felt kind of dumb

  • leo nel
    leo nel

    sarcasm as clickbait nice idea

  • Chef Catalina
    Chef Catalina

    Did you seen the new Netflix series called sweet tooth

  • Chef Catalina
    Chef Catalina

    Did you seen the new Netflix series called sweet tooth

  • Allyson Hentschel
    Allyson Hentschel

    Shadow and Bone was amazing

  • Odhranisaurus

    I have read the books not watched the show yet but the books get pretty brutal at times and I would be surprised if they do that in later seasons with this show

  • kei K
    kei K

    I hate the darkling with every bone in my body, but it’s pretty hard to keep that hatred up when Ben Barnes plays him

  • Feyre Archeron
    Feyre Archeron

    Idk if anyone else who watched this video has read the books, but the series is so good. 100% recommend. Although six of crows was my favourite continuation series.

  • Kaitlin

    4:40 🤣🤚

  • KlaraCookieMonster

    Hahahaha the CC at 10:18 😂😂

  • Jeffrey Barker
    Jeffrey Barker

    Please do “Just Add Magic”!

  • Evelyn Gillespie
    Evelyn Gillespie

    This show was amazing and that's saying something since I'm a big fan of the books

  • Christopher Culler
    Christopher Culler

    It was disappointing.. 6.5 out of 10. It was better than Jupiter's legacy

  • Pat Berthelot
    Pat Berthelot

    Has anyone else read the books and which ones. Also who’s your fav character? Mines six of crows and the darkling

  • brooklyn Mignan
    brooklyn Mignan

    The Mal introduction part LMAO. I agree.

  • John Webb
    John Webb

    Me and my family watched it and thought it was good. It was slow at first but paid off at the end. Our favorite part was the merry band of thieves, but we thought that the love triangle between Eliana, Mal and the shadow guy was kind of by the numbers and a little cringy. Eliana was suppose to be this strong, independent, savior of the world, but all she cares about is Mal/shadow guy, keeps getting saved, and doesn’t do anything that doesn’t involve the buy she likes. It was still good though.

  • Valentina Vergara
    Valentina Vergara

    Is it bad I loved Alina and the darkling ?!? Like I know he’s a bad guy but come on I need more Ben Barnes