SPY KIDS literally makes no sense...
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  • Michelle Bang
    Michelle Bang


  • Sunos

    Robert Rodriguez is smoking something and I want to know what the hell he was smoking his movies shaped my childhood and i want to know his secrets

  • Alpha

    Do spy kids 2 PLEEEEEASE

  • Dani

    I know that OSS doesn’t stand for Organization of Secret Spys… right?

  • Mael_Str0M

    I just remember Gali in the background

  • Freyja The Healer
    Freyja The Healer

    Getting caught by thumbs that can neither see nor hear things. Reminds me of my Dungeons and Dragons game where I accidentally made the guards both deaf and blind.

  • Mina Smith
    Mina Smith

    Because shes talking past tense she got to know him as explained in the movie from their dates

  • Jackson Carine
    Jackson Carine

    I remember the previews for this movie 🎥 jeez the nostalgia!!!

  • comrade Specter
    comrade Specter

    Bro It's a movie it's not supposed to make sense it's supposed to entertain you

  • Mr Wolfz
    Mr Wolfz


  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown

    It still holds up as an adult imo

  • Hasnain Shah
    Hasnain Shah

    You should do a review on Avatar: the Last Airbender

  • The Legend Keeper
    The Legend Keeper

    When the dad got turned into a Floop creature, that his SON drew, that was my first WTF moment.

  • Niels de bont
    Niels de bont

    I remember this movie made perfect sense to me as a kid, like this was exactly how i imagined a spy life would be

  • Thales Silveira
    Thales Silveira

    I LOVED that movie and I know that a lot of things just doesn’t make sense, but it could be worse…..

  • Magical Mew
    Magical Mew

    PART 2???????????

  • Charlie Nelson
    Charlie Nelson

    These movies up until 4 are classics

  • Madhurya Pedireddy
    Madhurya Pedireddy

    Just why do you keep on hating on my favorite childhood movies and shows? Jessie? Harry Potter? Not to mention, SPY KIDS?!

  • Tes O
    Tes O

    No hate like I love your channel but……. *pls stop ruining my childhood*

  • Lauren Lanier
    Lauren Lanier

    The 2nd one is where it's at though. 🤣

  • Daysha Pollard
    Daysha Pollard

    14:00😳 did she say Belize my country 😩

  • Tumblekitten463

    I also watched this when I was 12 (it was pretty old when I watched it though so I guess the cgi and stuff wasn’t what I was used to) it TERRIFIED me. And I was fine with most “scary” things, that gave me nightmares

  • Marco Martínez
    Marco Martínez

    I mean to this point you are just hating anything for content, how dare you on Spy Kids

  • Aeka ZeoYaoi
    Aeka ZeoYaoi

    Nitroglycérine Me: katsuki? 😂

  • Aeka ZeoYaoi
    Aeka ZeoYaoi

    WHOAH I want to watch this again xD

  • A Canadian Pumpkin
    A Canadian Pumpkin

    Spy kids movie saga explained Spy Kids 1: I make robot children, so I can take over the world, also I make cartoons that give people nightmares Spy Kids 2 :Jurassic Parks, only the guy didn't want to run a park, and got trapped on the island Spy Kids 3 : I wanted you to make Sword Art Online, just not as a full on death game, you gave me whatever the hell this shit is Spy Kids all the time in the world :I have machine that make time go "poof" I just need the key, oh look, one of the main character's has it, lemme just *yoink* that (Edit, this summery was made off the top of my head)

  • Emilia Malkova
    Emilia Malkova

    there were also tons of stuff prodused as "spy kidds" spy gadjets which my father bought for me, and we used it to spy on parents hehe, then the whole thing was canceled and they stoped production. there were listerning devises, night vision, movment censors - loved it

  • Jaylynn Lance
    Jaylynn Lance

    I watched every single movie of Spy Kids and he is just going to destroy it just like that😂

  • ♤♡◇♧

    My name with Karmen, with a K not C, and every time someones say her name I get all introvert-ly panicked and am like: **F*ck! Someones calling me! Holy sh*t what the hell should I do**

  • → Duppy ✿
    → Duppy ✿

    you say this to every movie BUT IT MAKES IT FUNNIER

  • Kermit the frog
    Kermit the frog


  • Olive

    When I was a kid I used to think this movie is cool until this video came out

  • Yoshi Li
    Yoshi Li

    carmen is actually 9, not 12 😅 lol

  • logan wolf
    logan wolf

    12:52 Yeah. Adrian Monk saying that sure is weird sounding. Oh right, and the line is just weird in and of itself.

  • Ella Steffens
    Ella Steffens

    Because I'm thirty and this is my life now- Man I love this guy

  • GuitarplayerX95

    4am sleep paralysis demon 😂

  • Mutsor Tima
    Mutsor Tima

    Funnily enough, considering you've got a _Riverdale_ poster in your room, Juni's actor is most definitely a real-life Archie Andrews.

  • Young guy
    Young guy

    I remember finding this movie sooo creepy , and the rest where just as bad

  • Jupiter Plays
    Jupiter Plays

    Omg I laughed so much during this

  • Nill Monkey Craftboy
    Nill Monkey Craftboy

    The movie was weird but cool

  • Watson Leo
    Watson Leo

    The guarded signature pharmacokinetically destroy because water extragingivally deserve plus a agreeable david. brash, amuck command

  • Brijeka Vervix
    Brijeka Vervix

    The fooglies gave me nightmares.

  • Babý Roc
    Babý Roc

    I'm 12years old and i think this movie sucks

  • Maga Land Bros
    Maga Land Bros

    you make no sense how about you make a video about how you dont make sense

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson

    Please do all of these

  • Tyrant-Den

    this series was my childhood.

  • 🌊OceanMan🌊

    “SpyKids makes no sense” That’s the idea of it

  • Mystical Keyblade
    Mystical Keyblade

    Juni is awesome and deserves better. Screw his dad and sister

  • Tiana R
    Tiana R


  • Sol T
    Sol T

    I'm sorry, but the spy boss removing the censor bar like glasses? Love that.

  • Hank J. Wimbleton
    Hank J. Wimbleton

    Twist ending: the dad just executes the mom in front of everyone because he's actually been undercover and planning to fulfill his mission to assassinate her the whole time

  • Andrew Bondurant
    Andrew Bondurant

    We had a great childhood

  • Dasani

    Is nobody going to talk about the machete references in this movie

  • Yuval Doll
    Yuval Doll

    Hands down one of my favorite videos you made!

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    problem with spy kids they should off stopped after 3rd film.

  • Chronixcz

    so an 8 yr old can talk like anyone and isnt being brought up

  • Elliott Rutherford
    Elliott Rutherford

    You were 12 years old 20 years ago? You sound a lot younger then you are.

  • Finbar Henneberry
    Finbar Henneberry


  • a frogs vlog
    a frogs vlog

    So no ones gonna take about how sad it is that he goes after the best shows that arent bad

  • Moirom Bibi
    Moirom Bibi

    Du spy kids are not making sense du man

  • SaltyLightning

    Spy kids 2 is probably the best one so you should do that one

  • Madison Carruthers
    Madison Carruthers

    spy kids 4 is underrated no cap.

  • ベラ。

    i remember the third movie being my favorite

  • Chocolate Dream
    Chocolate Dream

    Kinda weird how Carmen made such a shocked faced considering she already knew the story . I’m surprised he didn’t call that out

  • Blue Moon Games
    Blue Moon Games

    This movie always freaked me out

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson


  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan

    The uncle actually has his own M rated series

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson

    I don't remember Juni's actor being so bad...

  • Gabriel6Uchiha

    You're 32?

  • Bryson Wester
    Bryson Wester

    When i was young, i liked Carmen, now I’m into current Carmen AND the mom….

  • Nicel Diquit
    Nicel Diquit

    Honestly I remember watching this with my cousin a lot when I was younger and thinking no movie could ever hold up to this, now looking back on it, it makes me appreciate that at least despite it not being the best movie I’ve ever seen at least it has the nostalgia factor that most movies nowadays are missing.

  • Luke Vaillancourt
    Luke Vaillancourt


  • Blake Perry
    Blake Perry

    Kickin it

  • Dominic Nardini
    Dominic Nardini

    Wait the OSS as in the predecessor to the C.I.A. that was founded in ww2. Does this movie take place in 1942

  • bongformer sluys
    bongformer sluys

    floop is gay so they can make him evil

  • bongformer sluys
    bongformer sluys

    spy shit

  • bongformer sluys
    bongformer sluys

    like she's like 16 and he is like 35 but we gonna ignor that



  • Thalia Friedman
    Thalia Friedman

    Ok but like I loved this franchise

  • calamari

    oofice of strow tie jic sorvises

  • Sesame Cordial
    Sesame Cordial

    Good on ya for expanding your channel!

  • Jonathan Bien Aime
    Jonathan Bien Aime

    You have gained a new subscriber.

  • song mae-ri
    song mae-ri

    Don't lie, we all wanted to be a spy kid too.

  • Alexos

    8:21 I feel attacked

  • Tmacthaskydiver

    Everyone says how they had a crush on Carmen as a kid... But her mom is a certified baddie 🤤

  • Tommy Cochran
    Tommy Cochran

    Desperado was Rodriguez’s big break

  • thatguy431

    Back when I was like 16 or something, me and a friend bought tickers to spy kids but tried to get into some rated r movie, i don't remember. Dudes came in and made us either go watch spy kids or leave. We decided to watch it. Fuckin sucked lol

  • jojo Heise
    jojo Heise

    Why spanish and not german?

  • Britanica Nöel
    Britanica Nöel

    Mr. And mrs.smith prequel 😂😂


    oss stands for: oh sus

  • African princess
    African princess

    Can u do clone high?plzzzzzzz

  • Furry Moth
    Furry Moth

    Was i the only one who even as a kid found their dad super attractive?

  • Bernard Baldwin
    Bernard Baldwin

    This movie was amazing lmao

  • Kevin Rios
    Kevin Rios

    As a kid, the mom was the one i lust for. Shebadaf.

  • WhyJordie

    I was 10 and I had a crush on Antonio banderas as the dad 😅

  • Alexander Rost
    Alexander Rost

    I like to pretend that the 4th one doesn't exist.

  • ilooklikethis0_0

    some random dude and dudette lol

  • Pineapple TK
    Pineapple TK

    “ These thumbs keep walking around double cheeked up they’re gonna make me act up “ 🤣

  • MyChannelisBad2

    7:51 WUT IS DAT I remember watching this and being terrified

  • Zzay 334
    Zzay 334