the new Gossip Girl is utterly bizarre...
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Mean Girls was a weird movie...

Miraculous Ladybug is the dumbest show...

Mean Girls 2 is the worst movie I've ever seen...

Jessie was a weird show...

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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

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    • Erika Torres
      Erika Torres

      I hope this show dies after a season or it gets interesting bc it is do bad

    • Carina Puzon
      Carina Puzon

      Can you please react to dance academy, it’s an Australian show

    • Drew Brinx
      Drew Brinx

      You should review Every Witch Way

    • Aarohi Sharma
      Aarohi Sharma

      hey @AlexMeyers PLEASE do a video on 'Never Have I Ever' you might feel like the cultural opinions are something you can't comment on... but please do I think you're gonna LOVE doing a vid on that show

    • Jolanta Young Photography
      Jolanta Young Photography

      Could you do a One Tree Hill review?

  • Penguin

    "Internet Individuals"

  • Janelle Ntim
    Janelle Ntim


  • Tanzila Mostafa Momo
    Tanzila Mostafa Momo

    7:16 caught the blood,sweat & tears reference, I did... 😉😂

  • mekano

    Thanks for this video, now I know this is utter garbage. All their acting is horrendous!

  • Jazmine Stokes
    Jazmine Stokes

    Literally perfectly explains everything I feel about the series. I want to like the new characters but you arent like making them interesting or telling me about them. Especially monet and luna. Everything has been about julien for them

  • Tonia Marie
    Tonia Marie

    Honestly, I watched the original gossip girl and was thrilled when I heard about the revival! I am just as drawn to the revival as I was to the original which I had a marathon of just to refresh my mind! I seriously look forward to midnight every Thursday. While I appreciate your criticism, bc that's all people seem to do these days...its almost become a form of art here in America, I beg to differ. I totally LOVE this show. Maybe it has something to do with wishing I lived this type of lifestyle and hoping I can one day afford my kids to have this type of financial freedom. I don't care who judges me for being honest but it's the truth. Plus, i believe this show boldly exposes the lives of REAL TEENAGERS who really do engage in sex, drugs, and underage drinking bc let's face it, all the experimentation begins in high school...actually middle school, now that I'm looking back! But I'm definitely a fan and hope it gets renewed for a second season. Also, I must add that I'm super impressed with the revival casting more colorful faces bc let's face it, America is a mecca of colorful faces. So I truly love that added dynamic especially for the lead roles. Something tells me this show may be receiving so much hate bc people weren't expecting the leading ladies to be melanated....just a possibility. I do have to agree with you on how the identity of gossip girls identity being disclosed right away kind of takes the suspense away but I'm hoping they have someone returning from the original cast to confiscate the gossip girl site and take over! And after watching episode 4, theres a perfect opportunity for the infamous Georgina Sparks to return! I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't seen it yet so I'm not going to say more on that. In conclusion, I totally love this show and I believe it was made for an older crowd, hence why it comes on at midnight. Anyone who was a fan of the original series will definitely be checking this out. I'm just surprised they made a HUGE NETWORK HOP!

  • Mr.NightWolf

    Did u just say that demon slayer is overrated🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Erin Talia
    Erin Talia

    I'm actually enjoying a few of the characters but the blonde teacher is the WORST. She looks like a damn pixar character and her voice/attitude is the worst. Not to mention what they're doing is illegal & disgusting 🙄

  • nnn ooo
    nnn ooo

    Based on 3 episodes and the teasr for episode 4, they tried to make another Blair Serena bffs/rivalry relationship but this time it's with half sister which is a no

  • qafgurl bandj
    qafgurl bandj

    Nope not even Hilary Duff

  • poodles

    I like the show.

  • la le
    la le

    How come you dont mention that the Gossip Girl this time is Tavi Gevinson, who became a 13 year old legend with her blog? That is the genius twist in the reboot. Maybe you dont get it.

  • la le
    la le

    I love the new Gossip Girl, its genius. The old one sucked.

  • hjii jui
    hjii jui

    But why are all t hease you there bad at drawing acsept for emiruchu and erodes story

  • Gwyn Fortin
    Gwyn Fortin


  • Butch C.
    Butch C.

    I haven't watched the entire OG Gossip Girl but somehow the reboot is connected to what is in reality. In my POV, back in HS, teachers were talking behind their backs about their students and their parents. Little did they know that students and also the parents did too. I believe that "that" phase is still _alive_ right now knowing that there's cancel culture already.

  • Sarah Opeoluwa
    Sarah Opeoluwa

    That one actor trying to imitate Chuck Bass (hand gestures, wink and all) was super cringe! So were the others. Gossip Girl was Legendary so if there was gonna be a spinoff esp in 2020/2021 it should’ve been remarkable. To say that this new show was a terrible knockoff is an understatement.

  • Lexi C
    Lexi C

    Can you please do Secrets of Sulfur Springs? Please?

  • XSondra Productions
    XSondra Productions

    You should make a video about the movie called jinxed. You could find it on Netflix

  • Mark Sigmund Ziolkowski
    Mark Sigmund Ziolkowski

    I mean, I liked the first season of original one and that was fairly good dramatic satire thingie but later ones only my mum watched. This one seems to be about a bunch of teachers about to be fired.

  • kycie9099 9099
    kycie9099 9099

    I don't mind this new Gossip Girl but I could tell halfway through the first episode that I would like the original Gossip Girl a lot more and I haven't seen the original Gossip Girl

  • Sam

    lol 54534 354

  • Timed_Prism

    I’m loving the jojo references

  • Thabiso Nodangala
    Thabiso Nodangala


  • Kiyotokki

    The students look the same age as the teachers. Can't they not hiring over 25 year-old actors to play underage teenagers?

  • Jaime Madera
    Jaime Madera

    Lol I’m enjoying the show 😁😁😁

  • Deemah Ghaith
    Deemah Ghaith

    do you watch jojo

  • Samantha B
    Samantha B

    So it's just a millennial vs gen z circle jerk?

  • ArielLVT

    Somehow, and I don't know how, but this show is even worse than I expected.

  • Emily h
    Emily h

    Your laughs kill me every time

  • Valeriya Varnavskaya
    Valeriya Varnavskaya

    Stalking their students. Noone managed to secure a life, yet they educate.

  • Wendee Williams
    Wendee Williams

    The fact that the teachers first thought process was to ruin two sisters meeting each other for the first time like how does it affect them

  • Isabel Peterson
    Isabel Peterson

    Jesus is our lord and savior

  • Boss Umbra
    Boss Umbra

    As a teacher, I can say this: No, you would not be fired for not changing a student’s grade. Yes, you would for doing whatever the hell these dolts are doing.

  • Elisa Maza
    Elisa Maza

    I never watched "gossip Girl", I'm definitely not gonna watch this new show, and I wasn't even interested in this Alex Meyers-video and skipped it. But then I heard that Tavi Gevinson is acting in it - and I loved the Rookiemag! It was (or is, as an archive) one of my favorite websites - and I wished I have had such a source of live advice and inspiration, when I was a teenager. I'm still not gonna watch the show :-D

  • antonella

    I actually really enjoy it so far and it’s getting better by the episode

  • Ji Hirano
    Ji Hirano

    This is literally the worst and let's be honest here none of these characters are even visually pleasing. Anyways hope this show will be cancelled for good.

  • Camilla Luna
    Camilla Luna

    I actually liked it more than the original, I don’t know why

  • Steph B
    Steph B

    Not that I enjoyed it, but at the fashion show, she was kicked out because she air dropped a photo of the dress before the other girl walked in it was what I understood. That's why she got kicked out?

    • Steph B
      Steph B

      But also they cancelled LoveCraft Country and gave us this?? \

  • Dog ears
    Dog ears

    okay ngl they don’t even know how to act

  • SillyBean

    7:17 Pardon.

  • Ronald Aquino
    Ronald Aquino

    Elite is so much better...... uhh.... And the original Gossip Girl is so so Iconic 😑😑😑

  • Teume / Army7
    Teume / Army7

    Why dose Julien look like Connie from attack on titan

  • 221devil

    Di Instant star it was an old tv show I remember i watched years ago and no one actually did review it....

  • ~KookyKarsyn~

    You should so midnight sun irs really funny

  • Juan Vazquez
    Juan Vazquez


  • Droo el Rey
    Droo el Rey

    Angry man babies definitely.

  • Rachael Daley
    Rachael Daley

    From the teachers perspective, I guess they’re like wanna get me fired? I will expose you.

  • Crime


  • Shmooboogie Harper
    Shmooboogie Harper

    Sick of the makers of these reboots thinking gen Z runs the demographic! Stop catering to gen Z who a majority of weren’t even born when the original came out! Just make a new show! If you’re gonna bring back older shows,target the age group who actually watched and enjoyed it!

  • Dragon Balls 4500 million septillion quadrillion
    Dragon Balls 4500 million septillion quadrillion

    Day 2 of asking Alex to see loonatics Unleashed

  • Mike Crews
    Mike Crews

    BRUH when you said HURUMPHURUMPH I DIED laughing 😄 😄 😄

  • Micah

    Doooo kickin’it pleaseeee

  • A P E R S O N
    A P E R S O N

    Wait-did he just...did he just say Na-root-oh? what the-

  • Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas

    I can't get past Audrey saying "I am fourteen" two scenes after her classmates were snorting coke in a club. Why did they have to be fourteen, really?

  • Orchloj Chorchloj
    Orchloj Chorchloj

    can i ask what is this guy instagram

  • Alexa Kristian
    Alexa Kristian

    Can you do Bratz the movie (live action) after Legally Blonde?

  • Matthew hollow
    Matthew hollow

    Lol SSniperwolf

  • Paula Karolina
    Paula Karolina

    say what you want but Max is an icon, the fact that he is so sexuall fluid and obnoxious stirs shiz up and the show would be boring without him, deffo upgrade to rapey chuck bass

  • xo jessica
    xo jessica

    Can you diary of a wimpy kid pleaseee

  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng
    Marinette Dupain-Cheng

    Hey, maybe you could react to >Never have I ever< sometime

  • Maija Shea
    Maija Shea

    I’m angry that I laughed at your fake meme example. “Give me that BRUH”

  • Tiffany Blair
    Tiffany Blair

    I've been waiting for this one.

  • twiyouxx3


  • Leena Raphael
    Leena Raphael

    As a Nate Archibald fan, I'm feeling personally attacked 😂

  • LesLeigh J.
    LesLeigh J.

    Having watched the first 3 episodes of this new GG, I feel like what the writers did was take aspects of all of the OG Gossip Girl characters’ personalities, and slap them on the new kids. That’s why Audrey is really only a mere fraction of what Blair was. I feel like they took Serena and split her in half between Zoya and Julian. Obie seems like who Dan would’ve been if he’d been born extra wealthy, with a dash of Nate in him. The whole thing just feels like they didn’t try to create truly original characters. And I don’t know who this show is for. It’s like they’re trying to appeal to both Millennials and Gen Z, but those two groups use social media in distinctly different ways. The best thing that could happen is that Gossip Girl gets stolen from the teachers. But the characters would have to get interesting real fast to save this show. Idk what the writers were doing.

  • nissa mokoginta
    nissa mokoginta

    The acting in new gossip girl is bad😂 except for Max wolf his acting was better in dd 3rd episode

  • Anastasija Alfirevic
    Anastasija Alfirevic

    hi, I've been watching your videos A LOT and I would really like if you could react to a show called Murdoch Mysteries cause.......why not?

  • kokosan09

    is this what they call dialog these days??

  • Stan Levi
    Stan Levi


  • Eve Njeri
    Eve Njeri

    you should do never have i ever

  • Bal Romasant
    Bal Romasant

    I kinda like it


    brooklyn Nine-nine and never had i ever do it

  • paeonia flora
    paeonia flora

    no the lyrics from blood sweat and tears by bts killed me lol

  • V Limans
    V Limans

    can you please do a review on Never have i ever and NHIE 2

  • LeticiaWorm

    Yo r u allowed to make a video about Escape room?The sequel has come out and it’s coming out in a month (for Amazon prime or etc) so I think these movies could be good for your channel ☺️

  • V1rtualtrap

    Can you make a video on the fear street trilogy or just one of the movies?

  • Yana4u4life

    I’ve never watched the original Gossip Girl so I’m trying to get into this show since I love HBO. I’m on episode 3 and I give it a 5/10 so far which isn’t horrible right???

  • ailyn

    it's so shitty that you know who is gossip girl since the beggining

  • J N
    J N

    watch 3 episodes and its still a shit show,cant even relate with first one.over the top acting and story

  • Preston Withrow
    Preston Withrow


  • Isabelle videos
    Isabelle videos

    So those teachers are just going to bully them on the net. Will never watch it.

  • Zoe Villarreal
    Zoe Villarreal

    You should do never have I ever on Netflix

  • strxwbvrry シ
    strxwbvrry シ

    Nah you did not just called demon slayer overated 😭😭

  • yara

    Monet is so fucking bland twitter overhyped her smh

  • Lorena Zamora
    Lorena Zamora

    WOOOOOW, I knew this would be bad so I didn’t even bother watching but THIS! This is madness!!

  • sweather

    2:04 i have only seen this kind of behavior in middle school girls and media xddd most girls and women arent like that

  • Bayleigh

    They’ve ruined gossip girl some things need to be left alone

  • Allie Toy
    Allie Toy

    I want to like this show so bad but the.. acting.. oof

  • Grace

    you should watch crtl z for your spanish channel! would be so fun to watch

  • Amelia Darden
    Amelia Darden

    Imagine attempting to be the next Blair Waldorf... and doing such a bad job.

  • Scarlet Playz
    Scarlet Playz

    Hey Alex can you check out maze runner because I don’t think you have made a video abt it yet no rush

  • Alex Barron
    Alex Barron

    God it's dreadful . The original was at least entertaining . This new one is just woke left wing trash . Couldn't even finish the first episode

  • Zane Duka
    Zane Duka

    luv ur videos but can you do the nickelodeon tv show ''Henry Danger'' i grew up with this show

  • Jennifer Ariesta
    Jennifer Ariesta

    The clips with all the cringe acting is the final assurance that i need NOT check out this show. Im living for these hot takes though 👏🏻

  • Pandora Domeyko
    Pandora Domeyko

    Can't figure out which generation this new gossip girl is more insulting to

  • H RL
    H RL

    they are all trying so hard it gives me a headache

  • Valerie Castro
    Valerie Castro

    You should really watch Luca if you haven’t

  • Cocutsa M
    Cocutsa M

    I can’t even watch the few clips you inserted, the acting is just so, so bad. And the neoliberal cringe dialogue just makes me wanna hide in secondhand embarrassment. Who wrote this garbage? And why?