The Suite Life on Deck was such a weird show...
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  • Andre hill
    Andre hill

    Mr Moesby, Kirby the Security Guard, London and Woody were the funniest characters

  • Miranda Clapp
    Miranda Clapp

    Actually they have made another, Jesse turned into bunked

  • Mystic Mongrel
    Mystic Mongrel

    The movie wasn't the finale of the series, the movie itself could actually be skipped and the finale was graduation.

  • Ramiek Oglesby
    Ramiek Oglesby

    I actually like Suite life on deck better than Suite life of Zack and Cody but I miss both

  • Saya562

    It’s pretty interesting that the eccentric people in those old disney channel shows are 99% minorities and the “normal” one are usually white. Not always, but often

  • Margot Pugh
    Margot Pugh

    The lush chicken extremely itch because army astonishingly practise pace a good mark. even excellent excited, brawny piccolo

  • ChristianHardToFind

    Isn't this basically the plot of "She's The Man" ?

  • Alexia Archer
    Alexia Archer

    Do the sweet life movie please

  • Nishat Nazir
    Nishat Nazir

    I love ur drawing style. They are soo engaging and on point

  • MarioPlayr

    3:41 I never really thought about this, but she looks like Justin Bieber, except she’s not a jerk.

  • Jupiter Plays
    Jupiter Plays

    Can you do Liv and Maddie

  • Califaz 2002
    Califaz 2002

    Well shit everything is weird 2 you 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  • E O
    E O

    He wasn’t even fat? The punchline is he’s a slob since when was that weight fat?

  • G O B L I N
    G O B L I N

    ...idk who you are but it was not as weird as half nick shows and honestly were funnier

  • Ian Crilly
    Ian Crilly

    They did it with Jesse and bunked

  • Ruby Grim
    Ruby Grim

    "most guys in highschool don't even have one" yeah sure because I totally use to date people of an appropriate age from my school

  • ZJ2000

    Have you ever watched a show that wasnt weird or made snese ? Wut? Lol your tags crack me up but your videos are good and also i love how you call shenanigans on how they treat girls on these shows there just as bad as guys are

  • Tyrant-Den

    Oh yeah, the show which gave a main role to Chandler's last boss.

  • jaredftp

    this dudes so mad

  • Robert Black
    Robert Black

    I liked London

  • Corndad

    Disney used to create sequel series all the time, there were two shows following the jonas brothers, and two for Hannah Montana

  • April Barron
    April Barron

    Wait you live in Japan

  • Baylor Diamond
    Baylor Diamond

    0:07 there I am Gary, there I am!

  • Owen the Amazing
    Owen the Amazing

    9:11 little too much in formation cowboy

  • Candy Scissors
    Candy Scissors

    Is no one surprised by the fact that he lived in TOKYO?

  • monster princess
    monster princess

    Alex over here legit criticizing how girls think boys act when he's over here dropping lines like every other video about how girls just talk about boys and whatnot. Every girl Convo I've ever had had always been about poop and I'm the office bystander in this. How dare you, sir.

  • G O
    G O

    "And everyone lest favourite character London Tipton " UmmMmMM eRR eXcUSMEeEeEe BUt London is the diamond of the suite life on deck

  • David Jaldo Peinado
    David Jaldo Peinado

    London, least favorite??????

  • Stranger 173
    Stranger 173

    Can you PLEASE do a video on Austin & Ally?!?!?!

  • JustMichaela

    It’s pronounced Zen-DAY-uh

  • Elijah Kemerling
    Elijah Kemerling

    The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody Is The Best Show Ever And Is So Throwback

  • Maxie S
    Maxie S

    I know one person who has chickens in the midwest

  • Hmidou

    Oh hey oh!

  • Aadi Dev Goel
    Aadi Dev Goel

    In India there is actually an adaptation of the suite life called The suite life of Karan and Kabir

  • Elias Medina
    Elias Medina

    She might not show her intestines to you but she will be lettin you pop them guts

  • Noah Cameron
    Noah Cameron

    Thanks to alex I'll be getting serf shark on all my bananas.

  • bongformer sluys
    bongformer sluys

    do the movie hantai kamen, trust me u gonna hate me for it

  • bongformer sluys
    bongformer sluys

    wendy wu was so bad

  • Beemo Streamo
    Beemo Streamo

    i remember wendy wu

  • Riley Banks
    Riley Banks

    fun fact: my cousin unknowingly named her daughter after bailey. she called my mom and asked for baby name suggestions, and me being an 8-year-old “suite life on deck” fan, i suggested bailey, and she used it.

  • Katie Dawn
    Katie Dawn

    i’m late to comment but,,... “uhh secret handshake.” “YEAH”

  • B 0 N E Z X
    B 0 N E Z X

    Lmao he should do radio rebel

  • Barely Noticeable
    Barely Noticeable

    8:54 well, jesus fucking christ.

  • Steven Almeida
    Steven Almeida

    Demi still all fucked up


    I miss the old days when people weren't so damn sensitive

  • song mae-ri
    song mae-ri

    2:04 excuse me. As an Asian person, she was my favorite character!

  • Mr. Moseby
    Mr. Moseby


  • 𝓢𝓴𝓮𝓵𝓪 𝓖
    𝓢𝓴𝓮𝓵𝓪 𝓖

    who tf is ZENDIEYA 10:25

  • svftmgc

    **reads title** ok but have u considered the fact that i love it anyway?

  • Daisey Domergue
    Daisey Domergue

    Wendy woo was great lol. At least to young self. 🤣

  • Lazaro Ortiz
    Lazaro Ortiz

    Can you please do angel?

  • Shaman Murgoob
    Shaman Murgoob

    The secret handshake scene was actually funny though

  • Arm Collector
    Arm Collector

    Disney is for sure better then Nickelodeon... But they don't make shows no where near as good as they use to I refuse to even watch anything on those channles anymore... At least we got to see them when they came around bc now it's all gone to shit!!

  • Rainy Jane
    Rainy Jane

    "Most girls don't care about a guy's personality, all they want is looks." - yes, correct. Except that when people look at women thinking this way, they think it's shallow - while every guy on earth likes women first and foremost because they find those women physically attractive - and, somehow, magically guys are not seen as shallow for thinking this. It's just seen as normal and natural when guys place women's looks first and their personality/any other trait as secondary to this. No one even bats an eye at this because it's seen as so normal and natural. But women are demonized for being attracted to guys they find, you know, physically attractive?

    • Jay King
      Jay King

      Bc men "rule the world" apparently and can do no wrong whatsoever (especially if you ask their mothers/grandmothers/etc) 🙄

    • Chris Hampton
      Chris Hampton

      Although people do tend to go after someone they find attractive. At the same time, it makes someone shallow when they're outright rude about their preferences of what is deemed attractive. A guy not fitting your preference doesn't make him any less of a man than the guy you're attracted to. When you start behaving like that, that is where you're called shallow. The same goes for guys. A girl being taller than most guys doesn't make her any less of a woman than a girl who is on the average or short side. What gets annoying is when people become extremely shallow and just try to disregard it as their preferences of what they find attractive.

    • BoiWhatDaHellMane

      Well he thinks men do the same thing and he makes fun of them for that also if you watched his other videos

    • Asia Palmer
      Asia Palmer

      Had to like because no one else would because the truth hurts

  • Tha3rdCarter

    still the only show i seen with a slow asian AND a smart blonde. these two things were rather unheard of in the 2000s

  • Clint Orris
    Clint Orris

    I loved the show honestly. It was the first show I streamed on Netflix. When that first became a thing. I would lay in bed and watch it on my first computer. A dell. Not the singer. I also played WoW for the first times on that PC. Good times. Solid show for a 10 year old.

  • Aubrey Shopkin
    Aubrey Shopkin

    God bless have a good day!♡ Choose God! The devil is NOT your friend! God is the only way!💞 Repent your sins before its too late!

  • Lars Stray
    Lars Stray

    The writers on this show creating basically ALL the characters: "What if the main thing about the character is that it is stupid?"

  • kiddo

    ZEN DIAH?????,

  • Scrap

    Ok have a announcement I like the suite life on deck better then the suite life of Zach and Cody

  • Mark Jervis
    Mark Jervis

    Pls do suiet life the movie

  • Sarah Sebda
    Sarah Sebda

    Don't ruin my childhood 😭😭😭

  • John Tinkel
    John Tinkel

    I have always thought it would be fun to have a reboot of this show since it was one of my favorites. In the reboot, Cody and Bailey ended up getting married and having twins, Cody returns to take Mr. Moesby's place running the hotel, while Zack returns with them and encourages the twins in all their misfits because he's Zack. Cody would experience what Mr. Moesby always experienced with him and Zack, making it sort of funny and I ironic, and we would get other guest stars like London as well. Overall I think it would be really good.

  • JJ Anigaming
    JJ Anigaming

    Something I never new until now is macaulay culkin is dating brenda song

  • Weird Sisters
    Weird Sisters

    Please review the cornetto trilogy, it's this brittish film series. Each film has it's own plot and characters which kinda makes it better.

  • chanelle das
    chanelle das

    whats with people always picking Debby Ryans characters bra??

  • Khal Drogo23
    Khal Drogo23

    Mr Mosebys facial expressions to Londons stupidity will forever be perfection

  • Yo Mammas Boo
    Yo Mammas Boo

    I'm offended that you said Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior ironically. It is an obvious FACT Wendy Wu is a classic

  • spudbuttowski

    A small note: Zack and Cody didn't end the series with the movie. The movie actually premiered a month and a half before the series finale which was a generic Graduation one hour special

  • Deacon Gowan
    Deacon Gowan

    I’m from Kansas and never acted like that or ever met anyone that did.

  • Jxmmie_2340 8
    Jxmmie_2340 8

    I’d like to object and take this argument to court

  • Cloudy And Sunny Shorts
    Cloudy And Sunny Shorts

    I love the “Welcome to Iowa” with a giant garbage pile- I mean I lived in iowa for quite some time and it’s not that bad

  • A is for Alex
    A is for Alex

    Pretty much everyone I know has chickens including me

  • Kotoko McCoy
    Kotoko McCoy

    I never understood how the Indian girl was a stereotype…. Like it’s an accent. Idk why people find accents so bad…

  • Lily's Niche
    Lily's Niche

    Alex. Her name is Zen-Day-Ah not Zen-dye-ah 😂

  • Kamar the imposter
    Kamar the imposter


  • Kamar the imposter
    Kamar the imposter

    You are the best

  • Hawks

    Feels like it could’ve sparked some transphobic ideas

  • Fight Fear
    Fight Fear

    Girl actresses usually go through a lot more torment like men in Hollywood making advances toward them and trying to be a perfect image. That is part of the reason girls in Hollywood grow up and have seem to lost their minds vs boys when it’s really the hard torment.

  • Fight Fear
    Fight Fear

    Girls don’t like fat guys.

  • Lana

    The series gets so much better and funnier in the 2nd and 3rd season....think my favorite was season 3

  • Galaxy editz 4 u
    Galaxy editz 4 u

    Can you react to stranger things plz Ik that you like reacting to things and I’d love to see what you think about stranger things

  • Cherryblossom ink
    Cherryblossom ink

    Wait I living in Tokyo lucky 🍀 there are people a crazy like that


    I can say my way of thinking has been changed pretty drastically after 2 semesters of med school. When I heard the part where Zack said, "I'm gonna study anatomy," I was like 'How am I even supposed to believe this show? Like anyone in their right state of mind would actually want to study anatomy when they are not forced to.' When I saw the rest of the scene, it was the 'Oh...' kind of moment.

  • nɘonconformist

    You sound different when I can't see your face!

  • Shabti Sis
    Shabti Sis

    I was today years old that I found out my friends are as weak as potato and.....out


    Re-watching this show a while back, man, so nostalgic. Made me miss the "simpler times".

  • fae

    honestly i loved this show, but i do not remember almost any episode

  • David


  • Story Animation Guy
    Story Animation Guy

    Me who was watching this show earlier today.

  • among us noob
    among us noob

    Day 1 of asking alex to review a kdrama

  • Th3lonef0x

    Kirby was one of the best parts of the show. Rest in peace Windell Middlebrooks.

  • HerHollyness

    Tiya Sircar?! Playing a horrendous South Asian stereotype? Oof. The things people will do at the start of their career... I feel so sorry for her.

  • AL3X684

    i wanna know where baily is stashing the meth

  • Hexifi

    I’m gonna be honest when I watched the original suite life of Zack and Cody show when I was a child and I was so dumb that I thought the high school musical girl and the smart girl were the same people because it was the same actor

  • Melany Leblanc
    Melany Leblanc

    How’s that weird-

  • Dragon Pegasus
    Dragon Pegasus

    Plz do the Suite life on deck movie


    Look guess i am from India and i have a watched a show name the sweet life of karan and Kabir wtf how much rebranding

  • Rose Sanchez
    Rose Sanchez

    The disgusted brother cephalometrically lighten because smile beverly interest notwithstanding a therapeutic crab. waggish, worthless thailand

  • TheScarletWolf

    “Aarf aarf” haha good one