The Winx Saga is the dumbest show...
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The Hunger Games is kinda dumb...

Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2 is even dumber than the first one

Princess Protection Program is hilariously dumb

Bridgerton is a kinda dumb

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  • Kim Impossible
    Kim Impossible

    Ok, this is true they already ruined the show by updating how they look and white washing 2 of them now they make a live action this isn’t winx this is river dale 2.0 it’s really bad

  • anime forever
    anime forever

    The cast of this movie is not look like a fairies, they look like old woman witchcraft and something. For short, low budget show.

  • Nur Fee
    Nur Fee

    What tf is this show? Originally she meets Stella in trouble, helps her, realizes she has powers later on and then goes to Alfea, an all girls school. She loves her parents dearly. Wtfffff

  • Zanir

    I Will stick to the original show, to me that was not Stella but a poor Made mashup of Stella and diaspro😟

  • thisanimefab

    i feel like netflix stole this 'changling' stuff from trollhunters. like the concept is literally the same

  • My Life as Online
    My Life as Online

    Can you do winx club.

  • Amelia Aliyu
    Amelia Aliyu

    'mansplain'..hmmm...or was he just trying to help her find her way?

  • Vivian Nguyen
    Vivian Nguyen

    why isn't anyone talking about how Musa was not asian. She was my favorite growing up as a kid cuz she was one of the rare Asian characters I had to watch growing up. It sucked that they changed it so much

    • TOKYO

      as a puerto rican, they also didn’t include flora who was based on jennifer lopez. they white washed everyone. it’s sick

  • Ashyara Guardian
    Ashyara Guardian

    As an og fan to winx there r some connections that r obvious. But honestly the saga does suck. Like where tf is the trix the 3 witches who enjoy torturing the winx girls every single season besides season 4. Techna was smart and zoomed out of it faster than we thought. The girls powers r different and I don't like it the only one who didnt change 100% was Aisha, and Terra besides getting rid of flora who they're bring bk so terra is new. Everyone else changed besides bloom who were unsure her powers in the cartoon was dragon flame but it also had healing properties but in saga we don't know about that yet. This reminds me of legacies a tad bit

  • April Hanyon
    April Hanyon

    They did a really version Winx club the cartoon 😦

  • H-Bee

    I always think about how these shows come to be in the writing room. Like for this I just imagine that one person who suggested that the characters should suffer from consequences of their actions and they were just immediately fired and now we have characters that are deeply flawed, but it never causes any problems? Realism in this show is like Tecna and most of the specialists: nonexistent

  • Katie Holdaway
    Katie Holdaway

    Can you make a reaction to The Winx Club? It’s the original story. And it is Animated or is an Animation I get them confused. Please

  • Abdul Salam
    Abdul Salam


  • Ryleigh Munce
    Ryleigh Munce

    You said kpop stans- bruh I’m a kpop stan who has a unhealthy obsession

  • Zéna C
    Zéna C

    I personally liked the show and I think it not really that bad but of course this show is not perfect ❤ Hope it gets better in season 2

  • Ellie Haines
    Ellie Haines

    Remember when they had tekna Remember when Stella was nice Remember when bloom had a bunny Remember when blooms parents wanting to go with her to Alfia Yeah that’s called nostalgia, pass the message on and tell people to stop trying to recreate it.

  • Harshwardhan Mishra
    Harshwardhan Mishra

    This is the dumbest channel...

  • maya Delbare
    maya Delbare

    Were is tecna in the serrie

  • Kyle Reed
    Kyle Reed

    Lmao me waiting for season 2

  • LaylaVlogs

    Winx was literally my childhood show I was freaking OBSESSED

  • Emilia Malkova
    Emilia Malkova

    i actually enjoed it)

  • Sparklexnia

    The original is an Italian animated show (8 seasons but we only claim seasons 1-6 in this household) praised for its creativity, fashion, diversity and plot. This adaptation has none of those things and is trying desperately to be something it’s not. The characters are white washed (except Aisha but she isn’t even a princess anymore) and their personalities are completely ruined. Also the fashion sucks. One of the biggest appeals of the original was the fashion in both their outfits and transformations

  • Murtaza Hussein
    Murtaza Hussein


  • chanel henderson
    chanel henderson

    So Bloom is.....a Carrie & Hermione mix?

  • The M.A.
    The M.A.

    For the first time since March 16, I'm about to watch "The Winx Saga is the dumbest show...". EDIT- 7:33 P.M.: *finishes video 11 minutes later* I hope that you talk about this show again in the future! 🤓

  • I’m Fresh, How About That?
    I’m Fresh, How About That?

    Fate:the winx saga: CHANGELINGS *Queen Chrysalis in mlp*: *k*

  • EAL

    He should watch the animated series so he can see that the live action series is even worse then he thought

  • Liana Kriebel
    Liana Kriebel

    I think the way you enjoy this show is if you watch this without having watched the original show and if you leave your expectations at the door. Seeing the comments section here is encouraging me to give the original show another try. (Sad to say I got bored during the first episode, but I'm gonna go back and tell myself that it's like Avatar and will get better as the show progresses.)

  • Tavariay Hoeksema
    Tavariay Hoeksema

    Go, AISHA!! YEA, you go, girl!!!!

  • Tavariay Hoeksema
    Tavariay Hoeksema

    Why are her eyes so unnecessarily RED for No ABSOLUTE REASON?! I mean, what is up with that?!😶😶😐😶

  • Tavariay Hoeksema
    Tavariay Hoeksema

    Yea, Baby ALEX, I DO GET IT!!!🙄😏😍😁😀😂😃😊😉🙂😇😅

  • Matilde M
    Matilde M

    Winx is actually an Italian cartoon, which is still going on, but you have to trust me when I say that it's amazing I used to love it when I was a kid and I rewatched it last year, to me it's still sooo good it made me realize how fortunate I was as a child to grow up with it, and then this serie came out...

  • Amnesia

    The only energy that the show gives : Fairies❌ Magic❌ Wings❌ Respect on older parents❌ AMERICAN TEENS ✅

  • L L
    L L

    The moment she said “Mansplain it” to someone trying to help her. To someone she doesn’t even know. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it through the first episode.

  • Tee J
    Tee J

    they took bloom's name and hair and ran.. thats literally it

  • Summayah Ahmed
    Summayah Ahmed

    Well done netflix you have yet again turned a great show into some moody, edgy show which nobody asked for.

  • Razan Al Barwani
    Razan Al Barwani

    I distinctly remember Tinkerbell being a Tinker Fairy.

  • Esther Maga
    Esther Maga

    The fact that bloom release rosalind and because of which students were under attack and killed Farah is really annoying me...Bloom was my fav character out of all 🥲🥲

  • Johanne Eines
    Johanne Eines

    I literally didn't know what a VPN thing was

  • meme(Jesus loves you)
    meme(Jesus loves you)

    ...why am I kinda interested

  • meme(Jesus loves you)
    meme(Jesus loves you)

    2:25 yes I remember having this exact conversations on my first day of school

  • Sapphire Glitter
    Sapphire Glitter

    theres a nickelodeon show of this

  • Eve

    how is your commentary always so fresh and funny? I can tell how much work you put into it and thank you for providing me entertainment while I cook and meal prep as a postdrag student with little positivity left inside me.

  • Maire


  • Benjamin Rigdeway
    Benjamin Rigdeway

    I’m gonna watch it 🤦‍♂️

  • Jay N
    Jay N

    My wife and I got about 1 episode in before I realized it was going to just piss me off and abandoned ship. I can't remember the line of dialog that did it but it was some really awkward, forced social commentary speak. And It was pretty obvious it was not only just going to be dumb and poorly acted, but also have some shoe horned in modern social commentary that has nothing to do with the plot.

  • Kcat 32
    Kcat 32

    Maybe tmr she’ll see Professor X

  • Jade G.
    Jade G.

    Okay hear me out. Original Winx was better, the animation one, THE OLD ONE

  • Maggie Brooks
    Maggie Brooks

    I can’t stand the term “mansplaining”!

  • Zuckerwatt

    I heard about this disaster of a show but, come on: if you would change the names of the characters and the places you would not recognize it...

  • Nacho Taco Three
    Nacho Taco Three

    I'm a red head who plays the clarinet in the marching band....

  • Alisa Daisy
    Alisa Daisy

    « It’s totally different that the books » when I tell you I choked

  • sanvi khanna
    sanvi khanna

    Is it only me or does anyone else thinks that Farah is Bloom's mother after their hug in the last episode????

  • lisa

    the wind saga shouldn’t even be a thing, why did they make it a live action tv show with adults when the characters are teenagers. if I’m being honest, the cartoon is so much better and it should stay that way

  • Egsekutives

    God they took a Huge Dump on our childhood didn't they?

  • Octo kitty Kat
    Octo kitty Kat

    dont know why leather jackets and combat boots mean not like other girls. all my friends and i wear them.

  • Twinkie Studios
    Twinkie Studios

    this show is even dumber if you are a hardcore winx fan and it is part of your childhood.

  • Loturzel Restaurant
    Loturzel Restaurant


  • Darkwolf523

    So is this suppose to be a reboot? I don’t remember the plot being bad

  • Book-Obsessed

    This show was terrible, and yet they renewed it for a season 2...unbelievable. Yet, they cannot renew Anne with an E or Cursed? They always abandon the good shows for these terrible makes no sense.

  • Priscila Lopez
    Priscila Lopez

    When the "its not lord of the flies honey, its lady fo the flies, be inclusive" line came I literally turned of the tv and went to watch the of Winx Club to detox from that shit

    • Amelia Aliyu
      Amelia Aliyu

      So me

  • Itzsnowygacha


  • Melisa Kulu
    Melisa Kulu

    I swear if Netflix's Avatar live action is going to be at least 1% of like this, if will rage quit

  • Pineapplepupps Is fuzzybear
    Pineapplepupps Is fuzzybear

    Why the freak are they British

  • Filtiarn

    Actually Netflix is doing another Avatar live action, it’s a show this time. It takes place in our world and a school project is the main thing going on. I’m not making this shit up.

  • African princess
    African princess


  • African princess
    African princess


  • African princess
    African princess


  • African princess
    African princess


  • African princess
    African princess


  • African princess
    African princess


  • African princess
    African princess

    Plz do CLONE HIGH

  • Hannah Merrill
    Hannah Merrill

    My mom literally was that mom that would try to kick me out to do stuff because I was a loser that never left home 😂

  • DEMA

    4:16 my mom

  • Sharkgrrl&ProSkills

    I liked it…

  • J.s.

    free hitler-type villain and her crew because, "i need to find my birth parents". all her friends, "its the right thing to do", while scores of no-name security dies

  • Destini Sheppherd
    Destini Sheppherd

    I chose to watch this as a way to watch the show without actually watching it 🤦‍♀️ I love the winx cartoon I'm 24 and I rewatch the whole series every year I was jumping for joy when I heard there was going to be a live action then I saw the Trailer,cast, reviews and decided I'd never let Netflix ruin my childhood 🙍‍♀️ you don't even wanna know how long it took me to get pass the changes to the final season of winx club cartoon the art voices etc.. It made me scream but the live action tops it by a lot 😒

  • Subrina Campbell
    Subrina Campbell

    Seriously they need to leave the original cartoon/shows/ comics they keep messing them up

  • Prakriti Subedi
    Prakriti Subedi

    If you don't compare the show to the og and just watch it as a mew show it's pretty good in my opinion but compared to the og nuh uh

  • Savannah McMuffin
    Savannah McMuffin

    They did Winx Club so dirty with this show. They should have just left the original alone. Its like a wack job of legacies.

  • Not a Muggle
    Not a Muggle

    I think it was good on its own. If you compare it to the original, it sucks. But it’s good if you forget this is based off the original.

  • Jerry Murry
    Jerry Murry

    Adaptations are not shot for shot remakes.

  • Maxine Frye
    Maxine Frye

    Um wasn't tink like a tinkering or leaves (?) fairy

  • 유수교

    Im not whatching this show cause i don't wanna ruin my childhood favourite show of all

  • ꧁ MAL ꧂
    ꧁ MAL ꧂

    Am I the only who really enjoyed it despite the dissimilarities from the original Winx club series??

  • Alexia Virgo
    Alexia Virgo

    Well I like it 🙄😩☹️🥺🌃💖

  • Mille JaNae
    Mille JaNae

    I'm watching the cartoon again like I'm not a grown woman because this damn show is messing with my childhood and I don't like it .

  • Theodore Wyatt,Sr
    Theodore Wyatt,Sr

    For those of us not familiar withe cartoon show this is a really good show. Glad they are not following the cartoon exactly

  • *Kaiya*

    My type of British man is GeorgeNotFound not….him(no offense)

  • wolf quartz
    wolf quartz

    Pardon my language, but like I feel like they *Tried* to make the show more darker than it originally was. Sorry if I'm wrong but like wasn't the original show like dark with character on screen deaths or something? I can't remember much but I can remember that there were a couple if not probably 2 or 3 character deaths.

  • Ms.No-Sleep

    This show disrespects the Winx club

  • Arazellyne Xia
    Arazellyne Xia

    A changeling? Is it just a complete rip off of mlp or sumn wtf 😭

  • Adi

    Alright its officall winx club is the percy jakcson of 2000's cartoons (If you know you know)

  • Angel the Vixen
    Angel the Vixen

    Alright, please make a review of the OG Winx Club! Why they made it into live action is something I cannot fathom.

  • Jayalaxmi Holla
    Jayalaxmi Holla

    I still Love fate

  • Milkki Mocha
    Milkki Mocha

    I hate how they turned such a cool fairy cartoon into a depressing Netflix show 😐

  • ArcticKaiju

    Watch the cartoon.

  • cupid εϊз
    cupid εϊз

    winx saga is nothing like the original winx, im so disappointed

  • Phillip Salazar
    Phillip Salazar

    HRpostsr you don’t know anything of which is a great show anymore so stop criticising great shows like this one with fate of winks

  • ✞𝕊𝕜𝕦𝕝𝕝 𝕓𝕦𝕟𝕟𝕪✞
    ✞𝕊𝕜𝕦𝕝𝕝 𝕓𝕦𝕟𝕟𝕪✞

    Original winx: Amazing childhood cartoon with an awesome storyline and great character designs and much more. fate winx: Dumb and no techna and a bitchy popular version who's obsessed with sky (also way too much swear words)

Zoi - Nirvana
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Zoi - Nirvana
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